News Roundup – Special Magic Dirt Edition

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And into the arena of Le Grande Assimilation  we go:

the only reason this order would be acceptable is that we don’t want to endanger our Border Patrol agents because of the minefields we just installed.

ah yes, the Dream Team.  Next:  running for public office.

and of course, they’ll be able to use that ID to vote, right?

who cares?  Nobody.  Now, had someone destroyed that Muslim “call to prayer” system in a mosque, there’d be riots in the streets.

when asked to comment, an imam said:  “Scandalous.  He should have married her first.”

And in Hijab News:

Taliban: Women Not Wearing A Hijab Are “Trying To Look Like Animals”
…and this could be what we’re missing:



I know who the real animals are, and they ain’t these hotties.


  1. I know I shouldn’t embrace the Black Pill, but then I read these stories about illegal aliens and the Cabal’s refusal to defend our border, and it’s very difficult to see any silver lining. I see “Soon” memes all the time online, but the only direct action I ever hear about is by the Left, is never prosecuted, and always seems to result in them getting more of what they want at our expense.

  2. If the above pics are examples of what the Taliban calls “animals,” then I want to be a zookeeper.

  3. I can’t believe that the Democrats flip flopped. Once they supported strong borders. Yet again we see that hypocrisy is the foundation of their ideology.


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