I recently found this painting by Russian artist Lev Tchistovsky entitled “Reclining Nude” (one of many he painted), and I think it’s wonderful (click to embiggen, but it may be NSFW, that is if anyone still goes into an actual office): 

Among the Art Collector Set, he’s better known for his still life flowers:

,,,and yes, they’re magnificent — but give me a decent nude, any day.


I’m not a horticulturalist.  Sue me.


  1. Ah, a curvy woman. How nice.

    If I ever get enough money to open an old west saloon, that top picture is going over the bar,
    next to the of course obligatory mirror,
    that gets shattered during the chair hurling,
    just before the obligatory gun fight breaks out.

    As long as they don’t wreck the painting.

    I’m old enough where that’s a soothing picture rather than…something else.
    Later, after I bring tea back, so it can get cold.

    1. There is a perfect place in town, a restored saloon called The Palace, which needs additional wall art. I’ll have to show him this – but his wife may object as it is used for community events.

      1. If this piece of beautiful art (the top picture) evokes a sexual response, I think the viewer desperately needs an attitude check; just my VHO.

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