A Rose By Any Other Name

Mrs. TrueBrit sends me this snippet with the question:  “What does this even say?  Is it a shagfest, or what?”

Everyone’s talking about: The summer of sex parties

You mean orgies?

No. This isn’t Ancient Greece. In 2022 it’s a sex party and it’s all about choice.

Why am I suddenly reading so much about sex parties?

Because they’re having a huge post-pandemic renaissance. A recent headline in the New York Post screamed: ‘NYC ready for threesomes, sex parties after disappointing hot vax summer.’ The intellectual reading of the situation is that we’ve had months of lockdowns in which to reach a deeper understanding and acceptance of our sexuality. The less lofty (but possibly more accurate) viewpoint is that sex has been in short supply and now it’s back on the menu we’re really going for it.

Well, this is what comes from reading crapfests like You Magazine, which contains articles such as “The ultimate guide to crystals (and the celebrities that love them)”, “Piers Morgan has been voted the nation’s number one celebrity crush” (Jesus wept) and “Where to travel in 2022, according to your star sign”.

By the way, NYC is more like Ancient Rome, not Greece — and by that, I mean Rome in the months during the barbarian invasion, where the legions weren’t defending the city because there was no longer any public money to pay their salaries.

If that doesn’t sound familiar, you must be a Socialist.

And for Mrs. Truebrit:  a “sex party” is indeed an orgy, no matter how much they try to redefine it.

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