And Here’s Another Thing

As though we haven’t had enough of our beloved English language (words like “gay”) being appropriated (and not in a good way) by the forces of Communism, Greens and the LGBTOSTFU movement* (some overlap;  quite a lot, actually), now we have to deal with the degeneration of the word “grooming”  — an excellent description of what we do to make our appearance pleasing to the eye, and ditto to dogs, horses and such.  Now we have to use the word to describe the disgusting, perverted way in which pedophiles and the Education Establishment (also, some overlap) set about corrupting young people so that these sick individuals can play out their depraved sexual fantasies on children’s bodies.

It’s only been a couple of days since I was at the range, and already I can feel my trigger-finger twitching.

My suggestion:  make child molestation a capital offense, and shoot / hang / [your suggestion here]  these bastards whenever they’re caught.

(stolen from Kenny, thankee)

And people in league with child molesters (the “groomers”) should face life sentences in prison, without parole.

We’d be doing it For The Children©, literally.

Argue the point with me, I dare you.


  1. My reasoning, from a Christian perspective:

    We have to love our enemies. These perverts are obviously our enemies, so we have to love them. If we love them, we want what’s best for them.

    Jesus said “If anyone offends one of these little ones, it would be better for him if a millstone were hanged around his neck and he were cast into the sea.” (possibly paraphrased, I can’t look it up right now)

    The problem is that we really don’t have that many millstones. Do you think it would be OK if we just tied a bunch of them to the same millstone? If not, maybe we could spend some of that “infrastructure” money on hiring stoneworkers to make more millstones.

    1. Save money. Take them on a boat ride, about a 100 miles offshore. Let them try to swim back. Meets the intent of the quote. No muss, no fuss.

    2. Cast them into concrete blocks like those blocks of concrete called “mafia blocks” with their head and neck exposed. as the corpse rots, the remaining concrete becomes an artificial reef for the wild life. This might help get the green weenies on board too. I don’t know what we do for states without direct ocean access. Maybe just dig a hole and bury them up to their pedo chins.


  2. I’m a proud card-carrying heathen and won’t waste my concern
    on the enemy, let alone lobby on behalf of what’s best for him. All the Christian love in the universe won’t prevent President Shitstain’s pedo-enabling SCOTUS nominee from being confirmed, nor from using her position to institutionalize evil.

  3. The only problem with your idea, Kim, is the old problem of separating the sheep from the goats: how many times have we seen some 17 year old kid getting the sex offender label hung on him for some consensual canoodling with his 16 year old girlfriend? Sort that out & I’m on board whole heartedly.

  4. I take issue with you jailing the “people in league”.

    They should be killed, too.

    “Separating the sheep from the goats” should be a matter of common sense, not law.

    Law is perverse. Common sense is instinct.

    You know what’s a goat and what’s a sheep. If you don’t, you’re the one needing killed.

    I trust my right and wrong instinct way more than laws made by the very people who should be at the end of a rope.

  5. I was thinking along the lines of concern for the souls of those charged with executing the sentence. But then, it occurred to me: cut out the middleman. Just make being a leftist a capital crime against humanity. (SPOILER: it is.) With the being-dumped-out-at-sea the same sentence.

  6. While I’d be entirely on board with your proposal of making sexual exploitation a capital offense, it just won’t happen. The pandemic proved beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt that those in power have zero problem hurting kids in order to satisfy our desires. If you think that they’ll harm children in the name of public health but not harm them in the face of Big Gay…we need to talk because I have a very nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    1. you’re right about people in power have no concern about harming kids. Just look at the teacher’s unions and the school boards. The school boards in Virginia spring to mind but the boards around the country are rarely much different.


  7. The condition of pedophilia is a biological/developmental condition over which the individual has no control. One famous sufferer was Tiny Tim, a jolly stage presence with hordes of adoring fans. Privately, Tim was a very troubled man. He had OCD, wore adult diapers, couldn’t bring a woman to orgasm, and popped a boner if he saw a little girl. He hated himself for that last one, so he stayed the fuck away from little girls. Good on him.

    The act of pedophilia means a total moral and social breakdown. The desire is stronger than any restraint. Pedophiles offend and re-offend compulsively.

    Nobody really deserves to be punished for being a pedophile. But society deserves to be rid of people like that. “Man thou art to be hanged not for the stealing of a horse, but that horses may not be stolen.”

  8. I’m more in line with “flog-then-shoot/hang” myself.

    And pedo enablers life sentences should be served in General Population.

  9. Bill Burr has a routine about sinking cruise ships that might be an interesting approach to this


  10. I’m against the death penalty simply because people can lie.

    And good people can make mistakes. It’s not possible to apologise to a dead person. A few years back a person was murdered because people thought him a paedo; he was not .

    There’s also a famous Scottish example where the discovery came too late written up in The Law’s Strangest Cases but I don’t have the book to hand.

    Something else: the lack of a death penalty makes it safer for police. Criminals know that they can surrender and survive.

  11. Sacramento, California.
    Around 1982.
    McMartin pre-school and day-care.
    A family-operated day-care was accused of ‘misbehavior’ with the children in their care.
    Specialists were engaged, psychologists volunteered hundreds of hours to interrogate the alleged victims.
    Detectives devoted thousands of hours and millions of tax-payer dollars, no stone left unturned.
    After a three year investigation, the family were charged and confined.
    The homes and business and vehicles went to trustee sale, clothes and effects donated to second-hand stores.
    The day-care goods — toys and such — were burned, crowds cheering.
    The family lost everything, friends abandoned them, their church condemned them.
    1986, months into the extended trial, prosecutors suddenly dropped all charges.
    The family were released to the sidewalk with the clothes they were wearing as their only possessions.
    1988, prosecutors re-arrested the family based on the same interrogations.
    1989, during the second series of trials, jurors repeatedly found each of the family innocent.
    I do not have all the answers.
    I think I could participate as crew in the off-shore kick-n-swim.
    I believe I could pull the lever on the gallows trap-door.
    And if accusers lie…
    And if prosecutors falsely charge…
    And church-goers weasel their beliefs…
    And if counselors fabricate issues…
    I think I could be equally vengeful.

    1. As I recall, having lived in California at the time, eventually the state was digging up the ground at the McMartin Preschool, looking for the gigantic basement some of the children claimed was there. Also, there was a claim of an elephant having been brought into the school room, likewise not corroborated.

  12. I disagree with only one part: the enablers, or “groomers” don’t need to be kept alive at our expense. Hang them, too.

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