1. First Danica now this person of indeterminant gender. Has your taste changed or is the woke internet purging itself of photos of actual women?

      1. Yes, I saw the video.
        I saw a rail thin, fitness obsessed Gym Rat with 1 % body fat, no T&A, and impossible expectations that was coerced into doing a bathing suit photo shoot she hated and will soon age out of her chosen obsession. At which point, she will either become a bitter has-been attempting to relive her 5 min of fame. Or a mean and nasty coach projecting her impossible standards on helpless kids.

        …….. and she would be horrified by my lifestyle. No thanks

  2. Thoroughly enjoyable. Watched twice so far. May watch a few more times tomorrow.

  3. Crunches forever and thighs like oak tree trunks. I think she’d bruise me.
    But I still heal well.

  4. Speaking of the Maltese Falcon, blew a chunk o’change buying a replica of said birb. Sits on a cabinet in my cube. Next up, an upper body zombie crawling out of my shrub bed next to the front door. Daughter said if I did that she was never coming over. Hmmmmmm 😉

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