Here We Go…

….aaaaannnnd: they’re off!!

The People’s Convoy has announced plans to make its way across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas before cutting through Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois, with additional stays in Indiana, Ohio, and Maryland before reaching the nation’s capital. Details of stops and precise routes were not specified.

“To our elected officials that believe they rule us: YOU work for US,” the group wrote. “Our constitution was written to provide enough power to act on a national level, but not enough to deprive the people of fundamental rights. The people are prepared to see this challenge through — as we have seen through all challenges to our Freedom in the past. And we will prevail and prosper.”

I’m just wondering if I should hitch a ride with them if they come anywhere near North Texas…  watch this space.


  1. Considering independent truckers are a small minority of all truckers, I wonder how big something like this could be back in the trucking hey dey of the 1960s and 70s. The truckers I know are very supportive of the cause, but they don’t own their truck and thus can’t just take off with it on a cross country trek.

    Also, the name sounds a bit Marxist. People’s Convoy… People’s Republic… People’s Temple…

    1. Peoples Convoy is the perfect name.

      After all, how can Biden and Kamala be against *that*?

      1. We have to co-opt the language. Why leave such an effective tool like language to the Totalitarians?

  2. Considering what the fascists to the north have done to seize/ freeze the financials of contributors , thats going to have a chilling affect on support.

      1. Oh, don’t worry, Kim. I figured if they try any shenanigans on you, we would hear about their sorry fate on the news.

  3. After the January 6 and Ottawa debacles, one would have thought folks would wise up. There’s going to be no “petitioning the government for redress of grievances”, only UN troops with truncheons. Why would you charge into the enemy’s stronghold? That’s just stupid. Rather than a convoy, what the truckers need to do is park their rigs. Fill up every rest area and truck stop from California to D.C. If you are a company driver, make your last delivery, step out and walk away. Call it a remote siege. Starve the bastards out.

  4. Their first stop’s supposed to be in Kingman, which isn’t too far from here…might be worth a visit after work tomorrow to have a look. Their route seems to be I-40/I-44/I-70, mostly.

  5. …and what is Plan B? Since Trudeau’s (effective) response seems to have been prompted by Resident Biden’s team of flappers, we can expect to have tha American participants’ communications intercepted, their property confiscated, and themselves jailed. And when these things happen, who will do what, and when?
    Don’t see a lot of Sam Adams types this time.

    1. They should obtain a lot of BLM signs and murals to put on their trucks. When you go into enemy country one should wear camouflage, and in addition, presenting as BLM should confuse the jackboots.

  6. Service interruption would be a better option. Problem is, in a big country, the large apparent number of involved trucks represents a small minority of all trucks. So Denial Of Service ideas won’t be big enough.

    Much as I admire their attitude and goals, I’d stay away from this one. Think Biden is going to let Trudeau out-man him? The Jan 6 guys are still in there.

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