Monday Funnies

Ah yes, Monday, is it?  Thought so…

I think it’s time for Horrible Joke Monday

…because if that fey little twerp Jimmy Carr can get into trouble just for making a joke about gypsies becoming participants in the Holocaust, then it’s time I got in on the act.

Venture below the fold at your own risk, because there’ll be something to offend just about everyone.  You have been warned…

And if you’ve made it this far:

Now get the hell off to work or whatever it is that you do.



    1. The NSFW warning isn’t a “don’t scroll further” it’s more of a “you’re almost there. Scroll a little more it’s about to get even better.”

    2. “I’m Shocked, SHOCKED! Kim needs NSFW/Trigger warnings.”

      “Here is your weekly posting of NSFW memes, sir.”

      “Oh, thank you.”

  1. Somebody needs to tell the little blonde twit that if her vagina has a voice she desperately needs to check her boyfriend/girlfriend’s shelves for books on ventriloquism, and failing that make an emergency appointment to get her meds adjusted.

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