Misguided Rant

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this rant, as I do most that are aimed at government of any race, creed, color or nationality, but Insane Bob seems to have missed the point.

He devotes a great deal of time talking about the U.S. declaring war on Canada, e.g.:

The real danger of a war between our nations is that we both see internal security risks, and our central governments may no longer be absolutely able to bind our respective peoples to peace. Again, infantry and the population infantry is recruited from can be similar. Our unofficial irregular forces could war against Canada, and Canadian unofficial irregular forces could war against America, and it could prove quite messy. From my perspective, if my folks kill off the Canadian government, and Canadians kill off the US jerks, that would be about the nicest possible outcome. Wars are never that convenient for anyone. Better that folks don’t get that agitated.

As I see it, most ordinary Americans — if faced with the choice — would rather go to war against our own government than against Canada, present company included.

And as Mr. Free Market put it to me during a semi-drunken phone call last night:  how bad does the Canadian government have to be, to have pissed off the nicest, politest people on the planet?

They’re so nice that SoyBoy Trudeau is highly unlikely to have a Ceaușescu Moment, even though it could be argued that he deserves one:

Our own Gummint lackeys?  I’ll get back to you on that.  In the meantime:


  1. “Hey, would you mind shooting her first so I get at least a few seconds of peace?” — Final words of Nicolae Ceaușescu (disputed)

  2. As a Yank, working nights into Canada for years, “the nicest, politest people on the planet” are quite argumentative and bombastic, as befits a hockey crowd.

  3. I’ve never encountered that writer before, and I’ve not missed anything. He should’ve started by implementing Polonius’ advice: Brevity is the soul of wit. Misguided doesn’t even come close; what a load of crap. Nobody with more than two brain cells to rub together (including Justin Castro) believes the convoy has anything to do with American interference, let alone a prelude to war. 2100 words diagnosing causes/motivations/tactics & it can all be boiled down to this: The rabble won’t bow down and must be subjugated. Period.

  4. Look, he only sort of called for war with Canada. From Bob that’s frighteningly sane.
    We presumed he was a troll 15 or so years ago when he came in gunning for executing everyone with a drug problem, various people who annoyed him, and invading Canada.
    Turns out sort of. He was also having some issues.
    Anyway, he stuck around because he’s polite and also because it amuses us to have the left copy his rants and claim I’m endorsing them.
    But he usually goes more off the rails than this. And now he has entire years of making sense. And … [checks the prophecies] Yep. Bob the Registered Fool making sense. Um.
    I’ll be in my bunker.

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