News Roundup

News so gloomy, you’re going to need (another) G&T.

just wait till they try this in the men’s jail.

in a couple of centuries’ time, they’ll probably pardon all those pedophile priests.

never thought I’d call the time of syphilis and gonorrhea “the good old days”.

and in the background, the shuttered nuclear power stations are chuckling.

the ten million men similarly affected?  Fuck ’em, they should know better.

and is promptly arrested for promoting animal abuse.

or, the annual income from just two slot machines.

From the Dept. of Covidiocy:


proving once again that Brits are undersexed.

and this is bad news because the scumbag survived, even though shot six times by Our Hero.  Prolly used a Glock 9mm.

And now comes the INSIGNIFICA:


And speaking of women who could fake their orgasms and nobody would care:


And that’s today’s (and yesterday’s, and the day before’s, etc.) news.


  1. Blame the survival of the carjacker on the wonders of modern medicine and the anemic nature of pistols in general.

  2. The more STDs, the better. Nothing else seems to deter idiots from irresponsibly spreading for other idiots. Hopefully a variant that sterilizes its victims will arise.

  3. The state of the world today…..
    When I first glanced at that entry at the top about granting pardons to those previously convicted of witchcraft, my pathetic brain registered “Catalonia” as CALIFORNIA, and my first thought was “So, I was right to leave”.

    1. There was a sportswriter years ago who dubbed this “The Tyson Zone” after the boxer Mike Tyson. When Tyson was at his peak, no headline, no matter how outrageous or zany, would make you outright call bullshit. You could see where it could be possible.

      California has reached that pinnacle.

    1. No dangers of HER photos “breaking” the Internet.
      As opposed to photos of Brooke Burke, The Uninymic Holly, and Lucy Collett.

  4. …in a couple of centuries’ time, they’ll probably pardon all those pedophile priests.

    Hell, they’re probably getting ready to canonize them.

  5. I think I would assume by default that any one of those were faking it and would grade her on the quality and believability of her performance.

    Why not?

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