Kinder, Gentler, Stupider

From Scottishland comes this drivel:

Scotland seeks to ban words like ‘addict’ and ‘alcoholic’ in plan to tackle drug deaths

…to be replaced by?

New guidance published online calls for other words such as “junkie”, “clean” and “substance abuse” to be shunned in favour of “person with problematic drug use”, “person who has stopped using drugs” and “substance use”, respectively.

Nothing like a change in terminology to address the “problem” of drug deaths.

What amuses me about this bureaucratic bowdlerism is that the Scots are renowned for being among the plainest-speaking people on the planet — beating out even Australians — with their often-withering commentary about people and life in general.  (Listen to any Billy Connolly rant, for example, to get a taste.)

Imagine Billy describing a junkie using the above terms…


  1. Yup, it’s the SNP’s Newspeak.

    Rumour has it that Sturgeon is on her way out. Rumour has it that she’s divorcing or has divorced her husband. Rumour has it she has a house in Spain. Rumour has it that she has found solace in the arms of a woman. Rumour has it she wants a job with the EU.

    And her government has been a huge disaster in every way.

    1. I should emphasis that I have been unable to verify any of those rumours so take them with a huge pinch of salt and assume them to be false until verified.

  2. It’s not the regular Scots, it’s their bloody wokeist politicians who think they have to out do the wokeist English and Welsh politicians. Too bad Billy Connolly has retired.

    BTW, for those not familiar wth Billy Connolly keep any and all beverages away from your mouth when watching him perform on stage.

  3. Sugar coating bullshit doesn’t make it any less bully or shitty. stating anything other than the truth is dishonest and dishonesty is not a trait that should be encouraged.

    I worked at a place that decided to change the language of the staff. It was utter bullshit. These busybodies changing our language need to be dragged from their bureaucratic offices and beaten on a regular basis. Their mouths are too smart to have teeth.


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