News Roundup

Some with missing links, to preserve my Readers’ sanity.

what the hell:  Iran, Syria, Russia, China and Libya are already in that poxy organization, so what’s one more set of scumbags?  And in that vein:

I’ve often had the same urge, only I wouldn’t be pointing the gun at myself.

And speaking of idiots pointing guns:

yeah, the old “the gun went off all by itself” excuse.  Uh huh.


how about “fucking awesome”?   “Not enough” would get my vote, though.

prolly the same percentage who supported Hitler’s Anschluss back in the 1930s.

pot calling kettle;  come in, kettle.

stick to talking about the economy, Jimbo;  you’ve been living in NYFC for too long.

And a feel-good story, for a change:

and it still wouldn’t start on the first couple attempts.


or, to restate the thing:  men who use e-cigs are twice as likely to use Viagra.  Isn’t modern life wonderful?



…happens all the time.

Here are a few sofas with babes, and some theme music while you’re looking:

Kate Walsh

Helena Bonham Carter

Some Italian chick

Mariska Hargitay

Lisa Edelstein

Claire Goose

Olivia Munn

Penny Lancaster

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Not sure “Oh, baby!” is the proper thing to say, but if any of them is ever offered on Craigslist…


  1. There’s something incredibly luscious about sofa girl #4. I don’t know who she is, and probably wouldn’t recognize the name if you told me, but dayum. The most demurely dressed of the bunch, and IMHO the sexiest. Something about the look in her eyes and the little smile.

    Mark D

  2. Kim,
    Do the rest of the ladies on the couches have names? Aside from the second, they are quite attractive


  3. you’re right about the Taliban. Maybe you have to run a country fora few months before you get admitted to the make work club for dictators and useless bureaucrats.

    Kramer is just a attention getting nobody. He just yells at the camera and says foolish things. same with Piers Morgan. He’s still around? I liked it better when he was left in the wilderness without being heard.


    1. Kramer has obviously never had a medical corpsman hit him with the needle, or one of those pneumatic thingies.

    1. Molta Bella! (then kiss the back of your hand loudly).
      I doubt she’ll get close enough to you for you to pinch her.

  4. So, I was thinking that Alec Baldwin should release an album of him singing. He need not carry a tune, Rex Harrison pulled it off, and with the lowering of standards in the intervening sixty years, Baldwin should be acceptable, too.
    One suggestion; “I didn’t know the gun was loaded, and I’m so sorry now.”
    Others, I leave for others to suggest.

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