1. One?? Why can’t the meteorite break up on entry and hit several of them? I have a list.

  2. Got to be Portland. Does Portland have a single redeeming quality? Can’t think of one.

  3. I have to go with DC, and preferably during the State of the Union address, if Biden ever gets around to giving one. If not, I’ll settle for any time the VP is in town.

  4. Houston.

    That would stop the purpling of Texas, kill a huge portion of the foreign invaders, and the petrochemical fallout would lead to the end of Dem control of all the Northern states.

    Pity it would take me out with it, but them’s the breaks.

    1. Give me some time to evacuate since the suburbs are likely to be as badly hurt as those two towns.

    1. Most of what passes for art in those places would be no big loss and well worth getting rid of that hellhole.

  5. Truth be told every state in the union is ruined by its metro enclaves. As stated above one meteor may not be enough.

    1. True. Some years back the mayor of New Haven tried to put a ban or tight restriction on the sale of arrows.

      I don’t recall any news pieces on drive-by bow-and-arrowings, drive-bys being what they were trying to deal with at the time.

  6. Little known fact: Las Vegas is an ancient Latin term. It means Sprawling Urban Shithole In The Middle Of Nowhere. Made even more abysmal by the Strip – the most adolescent, gaudy, plastic, artificial pukefest spewed from a 12-yr old’s fantasy of what glamorous & classy oughtta be. Plus they shoved Harry Reid up our ass all those years. Other than that, it’s a great fucking place where I once did an 18 month tdy. And I’m not in the least bit bitter about it. Really.

    1. The Reversals of Fortune:
      Where I live in the NV outback, 111 years ago, was the largest town in NV and being serviced by five railroads; and Las Vegas was no more than a whistle/water stop on the Los Angeles and Salt Lake RR.
      And, Yes, I am surprised that Lost Wages was not the next American target for AQ.

    1. Back in ’01, I suggested that the US should have bombed Medina (with traditional ordnance) back into the stone age, with the clearly publisized message that the next *anything* to happen *anywhere* which could be attributed to Islamic doctrine, Mecca would promptly follow (with nukes).

  7. Unfortunately London, (specifically West and Norf London), are not in the USofA and therefore, unfortunately, (again), not be a valid Act-of-God for the question….

  8. Unless you nominate Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle or Portland.

  9. Austin. Even though my grown son lives there. But he’s a commie and won’t give us grandkids so fuck ‘im.

  10. Agana or maybe Tamuning. Very nice places, but they’re on the other side of the world from me.

  11. Chicago. But get all the classic art out of the Art Institute, and Sue the Tyrannosaur from the Field Museum.

    It would be interesting to see the rim of the crater pushing out into Lake Michigan, and see how long it would take to erode and flood the crater.

  12. Yeah, museums are all well and good, but animals don’t deserve the SMOD treatment. Clear out the zoos and have at it. May I nominate Baltimore?
    stay safe

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