3 Inexplicable Things

Haven’t had one of these for a while, so here goes:

3 People who should have retired a LONG time ago, but haven’t.

  • Dog The Bounty Hunter — FFS, he’s like 200 years old, still epitomizes White Trash with that trailerpark hairdo and bad-boy-gay clothing which would get him thrown out of any respectable biker gang.  And his schtick is older than my withered ass.

  • Joan Collins — another oldie well past her sell-by date, but still acts and dresses like she’s 25.

  • Nancy Pelosi — this drunken old gargoyle continues to cling to power long after she’s made enough money from it to last four lifetimes, and done more than her fair share to make the U.S. a socialist country.

Feel free to add your suggestions to substitute for the above, but they’d have to be really good to beat this lot.


  1. In one of Michael Bowen’s mystery novels, the case between Random House and Collins is mention, with the ruling being summarized as “Pay the lady. You knew she couldn’t write when you signed the contract.”. Call me odd, but she gets a permanent pass for that, unless she goes beyond vulgar Hollyweird behavior into real sicko territory.

    ‘Dog’ looks like White Trash now, he looked like White Trash then. Retire? How to you retire what you are to your bones? Ignore him. Eventually he will pass the way of all flesh.

    Has anyone tried sprinkling salt on Pelosi? She looks slug-like to me.

  2. How’d Feinstein & Schumer not make the list? I mean “brevity being” and all, but HOW?

    Nominate: Madonna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Debra Messing, et. al. Washed up almost-were has-been’s, desperately trying to peddle leaked “Sex tapes”, so as to not have to face the reality that you don’t matter anymore, and you really never did.

    And in the above instances, by “retirement” I mean a quiet retreat to a locked room with a loaded pistol, kind of retirement. Not some “emeritus” status where you still get trotted out to events so the youngin’s can pretend you matter.

  3. To many wal marts. If we still lived by scratching in the earth or chasing things down this problem would solve itself.

    They will still be around after the coming fall. Just have to shoot them on sight. And anyone with them.

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