News Roundup

And it’s even worse than usual, I’m afraid…

Howard who?

and if that’s not enough to start a revolution

because it’s for your own protection, see?  AA’s fares will of course be going up to make up for the loss of revenue.

Dept. of Suckage:

why hasn’t this asshole been executed yet?

And on the same topic:

and we’d all be a lot less sorry if this asshole had been executed ten minutes after the guilty verdict.

must be all that Glueball Wormening we’ve been hearing about.

Which kinda makes this story even more suspect:

but no doubt, there’s a good explanation for all this.

yup, that will delay the plane for a little while, and Miss PhD. Candidate a lot longer.

is anyone still surprised by this kind of thing?

or, roughly half the value of the stuff that the US military just left behind in BaghramAlso note:  “avoid” (which is legal), as opposed to “evade” (which isn’t).

and owners of cars and trucks made before the Internet Of Things all look smug.

and looking at his picture, the parents are probably right.

you first, Toots.


Ugh.  I’ve seen sexier biker chicks.


  1. Howard Stern has become an angry old yid woman. Stopped being funny or interesting decades ago.

    Demi Lovato….heh heh..I was going to say painfully ordinary with kind of a big head for her body, but I agree. I’ve seen hotter women shopping at the local Whole Foods.

    1. The technical term for “big head for her body” is “movie star head”, at least at my house. It’s a well known phenomenon that movie stars tend to have disproportionately large heads. I am not sure if this is because they also tend to be small people, usually much smaller than they appear on screen, or their heads are actually larger. In any event, something about the photographic process causes larger heads to appear more normal, more in proportion. You can see this in photos of normal people, who often look like Zippy the pinhead, especially when they are standing next to “movie star head” people.

      1. I think it has to do with the idea that someone with a big head has a large face that’s easily seen, so the face-acting/emotional expression/whatever can be more easily seen.

        Oddly enough, most Asian countries prefer the opposite and look for people with “small faces” (and correspondingly small heads). Their beauty standard is that a woman should be “8 heads tall” when most are 6.5-7, so for a woman to achieve the “8 heads height” she has to have disproportionately long legs and a very small head. To me the few that actually are the “8 heads” look like aliens, but they like it, so.. eh, whatever.

  2. “ …is anyone still surprised by this kind of thing?”

    (Reference to the thug VP Witchiepoo got released killing somebody)

    OF COURSE some people are surprised by this. The Progressive establishment is always surprised when one of their policies fails…for the forty-seventh time.

  3. I think Demi Lavato is just trying to shake the squeaky clean Disney image. Thank God she kept her clothes on. She’s nothing special to look at, in fact she looks disproportionate. It could be her attire, lighting or camera angle.

    Howard Stern is still alive? The problem with Shock Jocks is that at some point they run out of material that they can get away with. aren’t his 15 minutes up yet?

    The airline industry has been waging war on their customers for decades. They absolutely do not respond to their customers. Airlines treat their customers like cattle, give them atrocious service and people go back for more. Screw them. I Hope they never get a dime of bailout money again.



    1. But these people are our FRIENDS. We can’t let them do without, who will fund the Super Pacs?

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