1. ……. and it was at that point that they discovered the flaw in their new automated roller floor freight loading software.

  2. What do you call a TIGER with NO BACK WHEELS and METAL DRAGGING (Same as what do you call a Dog with NO back legs and Brass Balls)?


  3. I think someone might need to refamiliarize themself with the meanings of both “tiger” and “flying”.

  4. Yes, sir. Right away, sir. Just as soon as the elephant gets outof the restroom.

  5. Never take something famous as your corporate name unless you can live up to or surpass their reputation.

    1. It’s an old Photo. Flying Tigers Airfreight was bought by Federal Express in 1989. The FT fleet of 747 Freightliners were repainted with FedEx Branding. So that screwup happened sometime in the early 80’s when they were still working the bugs out of roller floors. Somebody didn’t properly secure a load and it slid back on the takeoff roll, much to the surprise of the Pilot when the plane rotated at 30 mph.


  6. Capt: FE, you crunch the weight & balance numbers?
    FE: You bet. Just a head’s up, the CG’s just a tad aft of optimal so you may need a bit of nose down trim….

  7. “This is what happens when you read the loading chart upside down. You KNOW the elephants ALWAYS go in the front of the airplane!”

  8. Whose idea was it to let Lena Dunham and Andrea Dworkin walk around before we got airborne?

  9. These are all great captions. My only comment is that I believe the Flying Tigers cargo service was originally owned by real Flying Tigers from the great World War II.

  10. Congratulations to passenger Stacey Abrams. You’re today’s winner of the first class upgrade. Please proceed to the front of the plane.

  11. Prior to this revealing ‘intimate’ encounter, the plane and the taxiway kept their ‘relationship’ on the q.t..

  12. And that’s why we no longer force the feminists to sit at the back of the plane.

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