Car Nut

Tim Allen (the man, not the TV caricature he plays) is one of the people I’d want on my Dinner Guest Bucket List.   Not only is he as funny as hell, he’s also a gearhead and gun guy (in part 1 below, when Tim gets to talking about his GT40, look over the car into his gun room).

Here he is walking us through his car collection, a trip which takes under an hour:  Part 1 and Part 2.  My favorite parts?  He has models of a Spitfire, Me109 and P52 P-51 Mustang hanging from the ceiling.  I just wish he’d taken us on a tour of his gun room.

And for those classic Camaro fans, here’s Jay Leno driving Tim’s 427 COPO.  (Best line:  Leno:  “There’s nothing in this car that doesn’t belong.”  Allen:  “Except maybe us.”)



  1. Heh. I watched both parts 1 and 2 this weekend and thought the same thing when I saw his gun room back there. Given his prior felony conviction, I wonder what the story is there.

    I also laughed at his comments about his Tesla bossing him around.

      1. G. Gordon used to say “as a convicted felon I am no longer able to possess firearms. Mrs. Liddy however has an extensive collection and she stores some on my side of the bed.”

  2. Call me a cynic ( I am ) but I suspect those guns are either non-functional or replicas.
    I vote replicas because
    1) due to his felony conviction, if it has not been rescinded ( VERY TOUGH TO DO !! )
    he is legally not even allow to touch or hold a functional firearm.
    2) regardless of alarm systems etc., would YOU leave extremely valuable, easy to carry off and
    easy to fence items like those lying around ( OK hung on the wall ), without at least, several
    armed guards patrolling the place 24/7 ?
    Me neither.

    1. Way back in Northern Exposure, the Astronaut played by Barry Corbin had a big wall in his cabin with many guns hanging on it. They were all non-functional replicas. Hollywood keeps all its props just in case they ever need a semigloss jet black falcon statue or the like again.
      My vote is that’s where he got them, unless they are all sort of bootleg, one of the Wahlberg brothers isn’t supposed to handle firearms, either, but that hasn’t hindered his career any.

  3. Doesn’t really look like a “Gun Collection” Room – Possibly all old Movie prop guns. But I don’t think he was ever in any Action movies. Depends on what all those framed documents are on the wall.

    Terrible taste in cars. None of them would be on my list.

    …….. and who is that old guy that looks like woody Allen but sounds like Tim Allen???

    1. “Terrible taste in cars. None of them would be on my list.”

      Nor mine. Now, Jerry Seinfeld’s thirty-odd Porsches, however…

  4. Good one!

    I was busy raising a family when the Ford Lightening came out. After I got the last kid through college the Lightening’s were only available used and thrashed out. Fast forward to today. Ford is offering a 7.3L gas engine that puts out 430 hp in the F-250. A cold air intake, cat-back exhaust, and a performance tune will have the truck just over 510 HP. A 3/4 ton truck that has Lightening HP and Tq numbers for less than a Lightening if you factor in inflation. There are supercharger kits that get it in the 650HP range.

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