1. They sent mail yesterday that Lee 9mm reloading dies were back in stock, and at the usual prices. I should have them next Wednesday.

  2. A lot of ammo is “coming out of the bunkers”, here and around the world, in response to the current level of demand, and the resulting demand-induced inflationary pricing spiral.
    If you don’t NEED it, don’t buy it, and try to wait out the crisis for when things will stabilize – if you think that will happen within the next year. For those of us who lived through the Stagflation of the Carter Years, and watching it go on and on until the fever was broken by the new Fed policies under Reagan; well, it’s a crap-shoot. Especially when you realize that the Fed is tossing $120B/month into the economy ….. and when that bubble breaks…..KATIE BAR THE DOOR!

  3. reload euro-pellets – if I’m going to spend the time, I’d as soon spend it handloading for my 10mms and my .45
    Oops! I think those were the ones I lost on the canoeing trip last month in Fla.

  4. A dollar a round is way too much to pay for 9mm, unless you don’t have any at all.

    1. Yep. Way too much. I figure I’m stocked for a couple years if I don’t slow down my match schedule. Pity the foos that are just getting into the game now. And the old farts that have been through this crap in the past and didn’t get while the gettin’ was good a year ago. Man, if I had any idea it would get this bad I’d have a couple hundred thousand primers and several hundred pounds of powder on hand.

  5. 83 cents a round for 5.56.
    I’ll hold off, I’m not that desperate yet.
    But thanks for the heads up.

  6. Never have I been so glad I laid in a three-lifetime supply of components when I thought the Hildebeest might win. I actually thought of selling components when Trump won, but now I’m glad I didn’t. I’m keeping it for me and my decendents. Never going to sell it.

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