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With commentary, spicy like Odalys Garcia:

apparently there was some Hollywood awards show, and a few trendies and old Commies sounded off, like anyone outside their own circle cares what they think anymore.  Viewership was 5.1 million, compared to Trump’s CPAC speech with 31 million online viewers.  LOL

a great idea for spending a whole bunch of other people’s money on a movie that maybe 0.0000005% of the Western world will actually pay to see, e.g. the previous such effort, Ballbusters.  And speaking of which:

A mother-of-three spat pepper spray into a police officer’s eye after it was fired into her face and mouth as she was arrested in Bristol
for some reason, I just can’t seem to find any sympathy for P.C. Pepperspray.

how about the “politics of fuck you”, you racist hustler.

Never mind, President Bigbucks is riding to the rescue:

and as a real African American, I cannot wait for you honkies to gimme wass ri’ fooey mine.

yeah, why IS that, President Braindead?  

which would be like saying that someone’s cough has got better, now that he’s dead.  More to the point:  WTF is the “World Economic Forum” and why should anyone be listening to them anyway?

and no doubt, the next Republican president is going to make him as dead as Bin Laden (because President Mail Fraud sure as hell won’t).

surprising as it may seem to some Brits, not everyone in the world cares about the antics of some titled twat.

[insert cock joke here]

in Portland-Am-Rhein.

and yet Over Here, we can’t even indict the bureaucrats who tried to undermine a legally-elected Republican President.  And speaking of which:

as if just being John Brennan wasn’t embarrassing enough.

Did someone say, “More Odalys Garcia”?

Thought so.


  1. @Kim,
    A couple pics of Sra. Garcia is indeed a FINE WAY to start the day. Thank you. If I may humble suggest, perhaps a couple well-selected pics of Caroline Catz. You know of the comely Ms. Catz .. she of Doc Martin fame … Thank you.

  2. A lesbian remake of “Die Hard?” Who, besides the LGBTQWERTY crew thinks this is a good idea? Anybody? Bueler? Who just can’t wait to see Charlize Theron speak those immortal words “Die, M*therf*cker!”

    Who do you suppose they’ll pick to play Hans Gruber, the international terrorist? Cher? Bette Midler? Hildabeast? Moochelle?

    1. Silly you, the villains will all be white heterosexual American men.

      The worst of them will be conservatives who honor their commitments and do their duty.

      Actually, I’m wrong. The worst, most horrific of all imaginable villains to these people would be….wait for it….Ta Da…

      A black conservative woman. Burn her, she’s a witch.

  3. Pay You Like We Owe You?
    May we see a copy of your detailed invoice, please? We’d like to check your arithmet… You don’t what?

  4. I had respect for Captain Wales, who apparently fulfilled his duties in a combat zone competently and without expecting special treatment.

    I got nothing for the ‘whipped Prince Harry.

    Speaking as an American Citizen, the wankers of the royal family can bugger right off.

  5. Obama & Reparations presents an interesting case study. Being half white does his left hand pay reparations to his right hand? Does our vice president, the great grand daughter of a slave owner, deserve reparations or should she be obliged to pay reparations.

    The website slave journeys presents a quandary. While approximately 400,000 African slaves were brought to North America almost a million white people were captured and carried off to slavery in North Africa. By this measure black people owe white people reparations.

    1. folks like barry sotoero takes $5 (with Lincoln on it) from his right pocket and puts it into his left pocket and he’s all paid off for h is reparations.


    2. None of Obama’s ancestors were slaves in North America, but with those Arabic names, it’s likely that some were slave-traders in Africa.

      And if we really wanted to talk about reparations, the Arabs could give everyone else in Africa and in Eurasia from Iran to the Atlantic all of their oil wealth, and hardly make a dent in what they owe.

  6. In all seriousness, if we go through with reparations, how do we handle it?

    If you can prove your caucasian family came after 1863, do you have to pay anything at all? How about if you prove your family never owned slaves?

    If you have a relative who fought for the union, do you get a discount? How about further discount from reparations if your ancestor was wounded or even killed? If you’re an American of African ancestry who arrived after 1863 do you get any reparation payments? How about if your ancestor was a slave owner and of African ancestry?

    This is such a mess since there are no slaves in America and there are no slave owners. If there are any modern slaves and slave owners in America today, it’s illegal and the criminal slave owner will go to jail.


    1. I didn’t lose any direct ancestors in the ACW, but did lose 12 collateral ancestors – brothers, uncles, etc. of ancestors, so I’m gonna be so rich when them blacks pay what they owe me, especially when I get me a good lawyer from some debt collector agency. We been waiting 165 years, so compound interest is fantastic! Gonna send ’em a royalty bill too for all the stuff they been usin’ that white guys figgered out. We’ll start with Buraq, cause he didn’t build that!

  7. “…how about the “politics of fuck you”, you racist hustler.”
    Add rancid and loathsome in front of racist and you got my vote.
    I’ve never despised another human being as much as I despise Buraq.

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