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“H‑E‑B has done more for Texas than our own government leadership for the past year.
I literally trust a southern grocery store chain more than the people whose job is to be there for us when we need them.” — Miles Luna #BLM (@TheMilesLuna) February 18, 2021

Not going to argue with that.  Our Central Market (owned by H-E-B) was Johnny-on-the-spot when the SHTF two weeks back.

Reader Mike S says that Floridians feel the same about Publix.  Anyone else on their local chains?


  1. Food Lion, in the southeast, has fully-stocked supermarkets in a lot of small towns – many of them are 75 miles from the interstate highway system. They keep every store in their system fully supplied, 7 days a week.

    I served many years at the far end of our military supply chain, and I am amazed at how Food Lion brings fresh dairy products, baked goods, meat, fruit, vegetables, to every store in their system.

  2. Sadly, H.E.B. hasn’t seen fit to replace it’s Galveston location, lost with Hurricane Ike of 2008. So, the local Kroger’s suffices, with a 30 mile trip to the League City H.E.B. for “big shopping” for a cartful of goods.

    Two things: 1. H.E.B., unlike Wal-Mart/Sams, doesn’t inject their meats with extra water, for which you pay full rate for weight. 2. Sadly, H.E.B. is CEO’d with a dedicated leftist turd, all full of SJW and related Virtue Signaling. For all the good they do (and they do a LOT of good in supporting Texas and Texans in times of crisis), never forget, a bit of your grocery dollar always goes to dreadful, leftist causes.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    1. Texas grocery chain with a MASSIVE market share, especially considering they have no presence in N. Texas at all (other than a few of their upscale stores).
      The old line is: “Last week, half of Texas shopped at H.E.B.” and it’s not much of an exaggeration.

    2. Named after the founder. Used his initials because Herman E. Butts was not a good look for a food store.

  3. ‘Nuther vote for Publix.

    They seemed to be managing the Wuh Flu Vac with aplomb here on the Spaced Coast.

    They’ve long been fixtures in our community. When Hurricane Irma was coming to call, after a last minute hardware run to Home Depot, the wife and I got some excellent Publix sub sandwiches — about 5 hours before the bitch was due. The store manager made our subs. He and his management team were keeping the store open to sell food, water and ice to our rural coastal city. He had already sent his crew home to do their own hurricane preps. After three solid days of the preps for our new home, the subs were ambrosia.

    Publix, doin’ it right.

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