Binary Option

Here’s a situation worth reading about:

Ciara Nolan and Jean-Francois Bonnet found eight-year-old golden retriever Neesha near a summit in the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland, on February 6.
They wrapped the dog, who had been reported missing two weeks earlier, in a coat before Jean carried her on his back for six miles to reach level ground.

And a pic:


One of Neesha’s owners, Erina O’Shea Goetelen, said they had started to give up hope before Ciara and Jean stumbled across the pooch by chance.
After being reunited Erina took Neesha to the vets who said the family pet had lost a third of her body weight during the two weeks away from home.

But the dog will be fine.  Her rescuers?  Not so much:

After the video went viral a member of the public reported the couple for breaching non-essential travel rules, and the Gardai – Ireland’s police force – is now making enquiries.

…which brings us to the binary question alluded to in the title of this post.

For that “member of the public”:

Public flogging, or lifetime shunning?

Your choice in Comments.


  1. Incidents like this require my standard cure for idiocy: trailer hitch + rope + communist asshole = dragged till there’s nothing left but frayed rope

    1. @Don,
      If you’re going that far, might as well go all the way. Keel-haul the sum-bitch I say. Keel-haul his/her sorry ass.

      1. keel hauling is too quick.

        Regular flogging for the rat finks and the Gardai who are pursing the investigation

      2. I prefer keel raking. In keel hauling, the victim is dragged from port to starboard, under the keel. It might be possible to survive a keel hauling, except that the old time sailors would get all scratched up by all the barnacles on the hull. The scratches would get infected, and there were no antibiotics in those days.
        With keel raking, the victim is dragged from bow to stern. Very unlikely to survive being underwater for that long. Of course, this would only work on a sailing ship, because the line would get all tangled up in the screws today.

        1. “Of course, this would only work on a sailing ship, because the line would get all tangled up in the screws today.”

          That’s a feature, not a bug.

  2. In keeping with the old Celtic traditions I’ll vote for the gibbet or drawing and quartering. Should that be seen as a bit too extreme, how about confinement to a pillory out in front of the kennel club headquarters for 30 days?

    1. How about a pillory at the dog park, with a sign stating what the individual did. More dog dropping to throw at the dog park. Or do kennel clubs have dog parks?

  3. I keep three lists of malefactors; flog, hang and flog before hang.
    In this case, keeping in mind our host’s options, I vote for flog then shun.

  4. Why not lifetime public flogging, while being shunned when not being flogged?

    Or just kick them out into the same wilderness for two weeks and see how well they do?

  5. Learn to live with this, and similar outrages. We’ve got two or more generations of government school product at large among us. They are in, and prosper in, the miltary, the police, and similar public services. The crematory cart the Europeans are strapped to is a little farther down its path but ours is already trundling along.
    Can it be stopped? Wachet, betet.

  6. In better days, when inexpensive ammunition was in great supply, a small caliber bullet through the brain would be the best way to settle this person’s hash. Not too messy compared to some options listed here, it prevents the possibility of this “person” ever repeating their foul transgression.

    Oh, and their names should be stricken from all public records, their families should be banished to the workhouses, their lands, livestock, homes, and possessions sold at public auction, and the proceeds of said auctions divided equally between the owner of the dog and the heroic rescuers.

    Feel free to add on.

  7. Come on folks, we must be inclusive.

    Daily Flogging and shunning.

    I like Ghost Sniper’s recommendation although I’d go with chain instead of rope. I wouldn’t want the rope to prematurely break and chain can be reused more times


  8. Flogging or shunning?

    Embrace the glorious unity of “and”!

    And frankly, the correct attitude is “derision and contempt” to be prominently displayed towards all actors involved, including members of the Gardai who “ver chust vollowing orders!”

    People are far too quick to give the police a pass for carrying out vile policies. Without the fists, the mouths and the Kens and Karens who prompt them are powerless.

  9. Hanging would be too quick. I vote for daily flogging, then into the stocks at a dog park.

  10. Neither for me. I’d strip zir naked and leave them at the top of the mountain. Let em die of exposure.

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