1. I don’t know about France – or the US – but super-expensive properties here are often owned by property companies, often offshore. And if you pay $1 a year rent, that’s a contractual matter between you and your landlord.

  2. Just goes to prove the old saying…you can’t take it with you…..R.I.P. Mr Connery

  3. “1/24-acres of sprawling grounds” Is that a metric acre, or does “sprawling” mean something different over there?

      1. Okay 1.24 acres makes more sense. The Daily Mail article still says “1/24 acres” which is less than 1800 sq. feet. My guess is they don’t know what an acre is, so when they put 1/24 it didn’t stick out as glaringly incorrect.

  4. Is that place where the money transfer scene in Casino Royale was filmed (the Daniel Craig version)?

    It looks very similar…

      1. Beautiful place. We visited there in 2015 after the missus made a little boo-boo and bought two sets of round trip tickets to Europe for our 2014 French adventure and had to use them up in a year. We went with a travel group from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

    1. Funny, it reminded me of two other films, To Catch A Thief and Hopscotch.

      It certainly looks familiar.

  5. I guess our tastes in houses / architecture differ.
    If they gave it to me, I’d tell them – ‘cut the price again and send me the check when it’s gone !’.

  6. Build a decent indoor pistol range (not nearly enough space for rifle) somewhere in there, and we can talk. Well, except the price is juuuust a bit outside my range. And in France; that’s a problem.

    1. I toured one of the DuPont mansions once. The ground floor had, among other things, an indoor pistol range, a billiards room, an ice cream and seltzer making room, their own generating plant, and a safe room with an armored dumbwaiter for storing the _good_ silver.

      Stay away from crowds.(quoth Ol’ Remus)

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