No Justice

In a just and fair world, there would be very little manufactured pop music like that of the endless procession of boy bands like Take That and pop idols like Taylor Swift, all regurgitating musical ideas which revolve around the same four chords played in the same progression.  Rick Beato has a video entitled Why Boomers Hate Pop Music (start at 5.00 to miss the boring intro) and of course, he’s absolutely right, because when you’ve grown up on simpler music e.g. Beatles and the British Invasion (that era’s definition of boy bands), at least this was followed up by music becoming more thoughtful, complex and artistic — Procol Harum, Zep, King Crimson etc.

The problem with all the modern music is that it starts simple and stays that way, without any pretense towards greater sophistication.  (With notable exceptions like Dream Theater and their ilk — who, by the way, are technical wizards and their music is complex but not very sophisticated.)

As I’ve said in earlier posts like this rant, I find myself drifting more and more towards Eurometal bands because while they too sound fairly alike after a while, at least they come up with interesting songs like Everybody Dies, Sancta Terra  and the incredible No More Hollywood Endings.   Just remember, all musical genres eventually sound repetitive — classical music works with the same instruments and orchestral setups just as much as metal bands perform their repertoire with the same five or six instruments.  This is why the songs have to become more interesting — Rachmaninoff’s Air On A Theme by Paganini uses essentially the same instruments and musical format as Beethoven uses in his Piano Concerto No 4 G major, but they are different works altogether — something that cannot be said for most modern music, where last month’s chart-topper sounds exactly like this month’s, even though they are performed by completely different artists.

Yeah, I know that orchestral metal is really just a development of classical orchestral music, so it should come as no surprise that I would prefer orchestral metal to anything ever written, sung or performed by Ed Sheeran or James Blunt, just as I prefer Chopin to Gilbert & Sullivan.

And of course, a number of the orchestral metal performers are — quelle surprise! — classically trained (Amy Lee, Arjen Lucassen — who is today’s Donald Fagen — and Simone Simons, to name but three) and it shines through their music like a searchlight.

Go ahead and search for bands like Evanescence, Epica, Gentle Storm, Nightwish, Ayreon and… oh heck, just look up Noora Louhimo, Sharon van Adel, Tarja Turenen, Anneke van Giersbergen and Simone Simons, to name but a few.

Comparing their music to modern pop music is comparing Tulips from Amsterdam to Heart of Amsterdam.

And just to be absolutely clear:  when it comes to vocal ability, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga together aren’t fit to wear Floor Jansen’s eye makeup.

Now go and listen to Ghost Love Score.

News Roundup

Here we go:

oh, so now they want revenge for Auschwitz?  When Biden promised a return to normalcy, I just knew we’d get it.

where’s Cesar Chavez when we need him?


I suppose this means I’m going to have to carry four spare mags now.

quit that laughter will ya?  She should  could have been killed.

because those sky-high European taxes are sacrosanct, as we will see when the Biden administration imposes them on the U.S. middle class.

year unspecified.

first time I’ve actually smiled since the fraudulent inauguration.  One down, nine to go.

this might have pissed off conservatives, had any been actually watching the inauguration. (no link because no need)

the latest in our “Guess The Attackers’ Race” game.  (Spoiler:  flight was from Detroit to Atlanta.)

this will go down in history as the beginning of the Geritol Revolution.

and it didn’t even happen in Florida.

And speaking of insanity:

because mirrors are well-known for storing images, of course.  Of greater concern is that she probably votes in elections.

Here’s a woman in front of a mirror.


Do not, under any circumstances, watch the movie Marauders  on Netflix.  Barely three weeks into 2021, we already have a hot favorite for Totally Shit Movie Of The Year.

An unbelievable premise, a terrible plot with more holes than ten golf resorts combined, a mailed-in performance by Bruce Willis, and because the main storyline is so weak, half a dozen sub-plots of absolutely no relevance are added to pad the thing out — all made even worse by editing that wouldn’t have passed a high school film class exam, and lighting that looks as though the movie was shot during a California brownout.  And when the thing finally ends, there are more loose ends than on the back side of a pre-schooler’s sewing assignment.

Some movies are so bad they are fun to watch.  This is not one of those.  Absolutely every single person involved with the making of this movie needs to be flogged, right down to the guy who washed the dishes in the studio cafeteria during filming.

Kim’s Rating:  not only zero stars, but a black hole.

Investment Grade

Here are ten cars which fetched ridiculous prices at auction last year — most of which are unlikely ever to leave the garage for longer than a few minutes because of their now-rarified [sic]  prices.

Ignoring the prices, though, I have to say that I like most of them — we all know of my fondness for the Dino 246 GT, especially — but the Merc 300 SL and Porsche 928 are also quite toothsome.

The sky-high prices, of course, are largely owing to the low mileage of each car — the Dino was calculated to have done an average of 289 miles per annum over the past 48 years — which, as I said earlier is why they’ll all be wrapped in silk and stored in a climate-controlled room somewhere.

Feel free to offer up your top 3 picks of the ten listed — ignoring the silly auction prices thereof, of course — in Comments.