Speed Bump #2,593

Once again, we have an excellent example of near-illiteracy from a newspaper (no prizes for guessing which one, although they’re all equally terrible):

A huntsman spider has been captured devouring a frog after luring it into a fake shelter made of leaves, in Madagascar, Africa. The grizzly spectacle was discovered by a team of scientists (top right) conducting a bird count in the village of Ambodiala, in Marojejy National Park in the island country’s northeast.

Excuse me, but a “grizzly spectacle” would be the sight of eight bears taking it in turns to butt-fuck Kamala Harris*.

The proper word to be used in the above report should be “grisly” — G-R-I-S-L-Y — which means gruesome or nauseating.  Not that that the above-mentioned gangbang wouldn’t be just as gruesome to watch — those poor bears — but the fact remains that there is a massive difference between grisly  and grizzly, as any fourth-grader of my generation would have been able to point out.

Grisly —–>  <—– Grizzly

Also, to pick a further nit, the spider wasn’t “captured”, it was captured on film  — another seemingly-small but important detail.

And finally, Madagascar is an independent nation located on an island off the coast of Africa.  Carrying the DM ‘s example further, it would be like saying that helium-voiced singer Kylie Minogue comes from “Australia, Southeast Asia”.

All that sloppiness in one paragraph.  Is it too early for a second gin?

*I’m not wishing violence upon our beloved Vice-President, of course;  this analogy is purely for illustrative purposes.


  1. Grammar and proper English are a lost art.

    Then again, I almost lost a good friend because he was wishing me sympathy on my deceased mother’s “internment”, and I told him we were putting her in the ground, not prison. Suddenly I’m the asshole.

  2. “…8 brown bears taking turns butt-fucking Kamala Harris…..those poor bears….”

    Dammit Kim,

    You owe me a new monitor, I spit my coffee on it……..LOL

  3. “….into a fake shelter made of leaves” —- a real frog shelter is made from what? concrete blocks??? Maybe they meant a “false shelter” or a “decoy shelter”, but we will never know.

    Possibly the Editor was on vacation, or attending some Inaugural party.

    1. I bought some “organic” tomatoes at the grocery store this morning. I guess that the inorganic veggies are made from plastic.

    2. The editors don’t know any better because instead of learning to write properly, they were indoctrinated and encouraged to bring down the mighty like those dipshits at the Washington Post Bernstein and Woodward.


  4. I can forgive them for the “Madagascar, Africa” thing because your average new age Brit has no idea at all where or what Madagascar is, but there is some hope the illustrious Daily Mail readers will have a vague impression of Africa’s particulars.

  5. Kim , I know that you’re not a big fan of science fiction but I have to recommend a story – “The Marching Morons” by C.M. Kornbluth. It was written in the early 1950s and as I get more advanced in years I think that we’re watching that story being played out. I won’t describe the plot for those who haven’t read it yet. The book is still available on Amazon – another name you’re not a fan of – for about a buck.

    1. ” …and their diving suits turned out to be fulla little holes.” Yeh. And as the vocabularies shrink, so too does the range of concepts they can manipulate. Which suits the brahmins just fine.

  6. “…8 brown bears taking turns butt-fucking Kamala Harris…”


    After that phrase and the mind-picture it conjures up, I figure just about anything is is now game on Kim’s blog. 😉

    About incompetence in the newspaper bidness; I was at my mother’s house with my older sister when I happened to pick up the local news rag. Right there on the front page, top dead center of the main story, indeed, the very first sentence of the very first paragraph – was an incomplete sentence with no verb. I read it to my sister who is a retired teacher and asked her: “If one of your fifth graders had put that sentence in one of their essays, what would you have done?” She replied: “I would have failed the paper, or at least made them rewrite it.”

    Are there no more editors working at major daily newspapers? I guess they no longer teach English grammar at journo school.

  7. “…they no longer teach English grammar at journo school.”
    Of course not. That would be a white supremacy trigger event.
    I would like to see these holier than thou wokes be made to give up all the gifts that white supremacy has given them; e.g., antibiotics, cars, medical imaging, central heating and AC, smart phones, computers, highways, railroads, airplanes, millions of houses and buildings that can last a century or more, cheap, mass produced clothing, a cornucopia of food … and on and on.
    Remove Western Civilization and the mostly white men who built it and they’d be naked, sleeping in caves and hollow logs, grubbing for bugs and roots to eat, and living short, brutal lives enslaved by the bigger tribe over the mountain.

  8. “…7 brown bears taking turns butt-fucking Kamaltoe Harris…” The last bear, #8, stepped up for his turn and said, “you aren’t in this just for the hunt, are you?”

    (Please forgive me for altering the first quote}

  9. 1) Newspapers have always hosted borderline illiterates, even while also showcasing stellar writers like Mencken or Runyon. That’s just the nature of the animal, despite all the airs put on by fishwrap like the New York Times.

    2) What have Grizzly Bears ever done to you , that would would wish our revolting VP on them?

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