Women Drinking

As the West descends further into Covid Madness, articles like this (via Insty)are becoming more common:

During the pandemic, alcohol has become an easy way to self-medicate, aided by the fact that liquor and wine stores were deemed essential services from the start. Many even offer delivery, with apps like MiniBar filling in the gaps. New Yorkers who ache for fresh air and company have been able to order cocktails to go from restaurants and enjoy them on the sidewalk.

[Aside:  sorry about the NYfT link, but it’s necessary this once.]

It’s not just New York, of course, which is suffering from pandemic alcoholism, as they call it.  (Much as New Yorkers like to think that they’re the only people on the world, or at least they’re the only people in the world who matter, they aren’t.)  In fact, this is happening in London, Berlin, Sydney, Paris and pretty much in all large cities suffering not only from fear of getting the Chinkvirus and dying, but from autocratic politicians who are intent on putting everyone under house arrest out of fear — fear that if lots of people start dying on their watch, they may be blamed for doing nothing.  (The more cynical may just think that assholes like MichGov Wilmer are doing this stuff just because they can, but let’s ignore that for the moment.)

Any time people are imprisoned, or feel like they’re being imprisoned, all sorts of bad behaviors start to emerge, of course, and boozing is just one manifestation;  rampant sexuality and domestic violence are two others.

Actually, the situation of women drinking too much has been going on for a long time — far earlier than March/April 2020, for sure.

New Wife and I have been watching modern Brit TV dramas — especially crime — for a while now, and if there’s one thing you can bet the house on, it’s that whenever the female lead or heroine arrives home in the evening after a long day of catching murderers / treating patients / dealing with sexual harassment at her place of work / [insert your favorite example of female superiority here], there’s going to be a glass or bottle of wine waiting for her when she walks in the door.  I know it’s fiction, but entertainment reflects the Zeitgeist, and women drinking alone or on a regular basis when coming home is pretty much ubiquitous.

These days, there is a general, distorted sense of what healthy and acceptable drinking is, Dr. Kirane said. “Responsible drinking is reinforced by structure in people’s lives — going to work, taking their kids to school, interacting and maintaining a home,” he explained. “The pandemic has turned such boundaries on their head and created more space for alcohol.”

I really have no opinion on this issue, because it’s one of those “If A then B” facets of the human condition.  Nor, of course, am I going to pass judgment on people who have become hopeless drunks, because there but for the grace of God, etc. etc.

I am, however, going to suggest that the motherfucking control-freak politicians and medical charlatans who are ultimately responsible for all this foolishness should be tarred and feathered, but that reason is just the latest in a long line of reasons, as appear on these pages on pretty much a weekly basis, for such an action.


  1. And you brag about being a grumpy old bugger. Shame on you Kim.

    If you absolutely HAVE to reference the NYFT, you can provide the material AND shaft those commie turds out of any clicks by using archive today.com! It takes a few minutes to learn, and a few seconds to use. It works on other vermin too, like The Estrogen Post, The Glob & Wail, The Guardian and other lefty chit rags.

    Capitalism is truly wonderful. 😆👍

  2. I visit elderly shut-ins.

    During my visits, we often spectate at televisionprogramming.
    Warnings about the ‘X’ level of the programming often include predictions of ‘sexuality’.

    I thought ‘sexuality’ was defined as ‘the capacity for sexual feelings’.
    Maybe ‘sexuality’ was defined that way in the distant past.

    Similar to the way ‘anti-social’ now means ‘social’ — as in ‘social distance’ instead of ‘anti-social distance’ — I feel like a linguistic dinosaur.

    And do not get me started on ‘mask’ (aka ‘face-mask’).
    Or ‘mandate’ in place of ‘dictate’, as in:
    * “Oregon unelected governess Kate ‘Moonbeam’ Brown dictated as stringent new series of dictates intended to ‘kerb the flat-line’ of the latest chinese sickness, but all Missy Moonbeam accomplished were the bankruptcy of an additional half-million small-business owners.”

    1. Never elect a “Brown” to any position of power and authority.
      Nothing good will ever come of it.

  3. A good example would be the series “Blue Bloods” (Tom Selleck, et al.) Not only do I envy their ability to put away copious amounts of fine, brown liquor, they are drinking brands I could never afford without winning a substantial lottery prize first. Either they have bar tabs nearing the national debt, or the Commissioner is heavily on the take, and his preference is single barrel.

    Of course, one cannot comment on their drinking without also mentioning the number of times they discharge their assorted firearms, very often with results fatal to their opponents. One wonders just how much ammunition they expend in comparison to, say, the invasion of Tarawa, or how many people are on staff at the NYPD just to fill out the Officer Involved Shooting reports.

  4. As to tarring and feathering I think we have to come up with something new. Have you looked up the cost of pine tar lately? I just did. Sheesh! Unless you know a source who’d be willing to donate several barrels of the stuff, it’s going to cost plenty to tar and feather those who desperately need it. Perhaps more than they’re worth. And in Colonial America feathers were in good supply because their were plenty of farmers and butchers selling chickens, ducks and geese in Philly and Boston etc. Today, you’ll have to donate your feather pillow to the cause or find a poultry processor willing to donate/sell to the cause.

    I don’t know a good substitute for pine tar, but we could use shredded paper instead of feathers. Fold a copy of the NYT or other rag and feed it through a shredder. The 5,600 pages of the Omnibus Covid relief bill would be another good source for shredded paper.

    Any suggestions?

    1. construction adhesive? Glue? shredded 1040 forms?

      When I did American War for Independence re-enacting we made up our cartridges out of 1040 tax forms in the Spring. I portrayed a tommy atkins so it was ironic.


  5. The 2 worst things on this earth are a drunk woman when you’re sober or a sober woman when you’re drunk.

    My mother was a miserable self-absorbed drunk who never got sober. I certainly don’t miss her.

    My ex-wife was an alcoholic who couldn’t keep a job and who constantly screwed up. I don’t miss her either even though I wish her the best and we got divorced without a harsh word spoken.

    And I was a chronic drunk as well who finally got sober in 1988 after 13 years of getting my ass kicked by the bottle.

    I think there’s probably a lot of validity to the notion that a bunch of people are seeking comfort through alcohol these days as a result of our states and cities becoming internment camps.

    I’m not against alcohol by any means and my (second) wife and I serve it at gatherings.

    I’m also kidding, of course, about ladies being especially bad as problem drinkers.

    In my case, I was just as charming as my ex-wife when we drank and we made a delightful couple.

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