Range Report – UK Edition

Mr. FM was engaged in ritual slaughter at one of his estates (in Devon, I think) over the past weekend:

…which is all well and good, but I have two serious issues with this:

1) According to the Daily Mail, Britishland is supposed to be suffering near-Arctic conditions at the moment:

…but clearly they’ve been lying again, or else Teh Weather doesn’t have the necessary permits to wander onto Mr. FM’s properties.

2) I wasn’t there to join in the festivities.

[exit, eating his liver ]


  1. I always wonder if in these displays of the fruits of the hunt…..a driver or beater ( whatever they are called) is given the Dick Cheney treatment, do they lay him out in orderly fashion besides the birds for photos ?

    1. Mr. Free Market once told me that on one of their hunts, the Duke’s prize pet peacock was shot by accident, but nobody had the guts to lay it out next to all the other dead birds.
      They wanted to be able to come back the following year.

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