1. Remember – the Constitution (22th Amendment) limits a person to no more than two years of another person’s elected term. Gropey Joe needs to last to Jan 21, 2023. At that point Kneepads can serve the rest of his term, plus two of her own. I’m betting they’ll try to drag him past that date.

    Perhaps “Dr.” Jill can play Edith Wilson for that long. And the usual suspects in big media and tech will pull him along, covering for his incompetent and corrupt ass like they did during election season.

    The more important question is: at what point does our long cold civil war turn hot, and Rule 308 (or similar number, YMMV) begin to apply? And at what point do we begin to organize at the local level, stocking up on supplies and, more important, creating and maintaining communications and operational links? Just in case, of course (and I think that time is now).

    There will, at some point, be an incident. The left will respond with street action, i.e. Antifa/BLM “mostly peaceful” protests that become less “mostly” peaceful. The right will respond in kind; the authorities will intervene, or perhaps more likely refuse to intervene to stop actions by rioters, driven by “social justice.” If authorities do not act to do justice, or at least apply the law (and they are not the same thing), will citizens act instead? What happens if/when Rittenhouse is acquitted in Wisconsin? Will the usual suspects take to the streets? Will they try to do street “justice” to the young man? When conservatives act to defend him, it’s likely on. Who’s a valid target once the shooting starts? When the media has so clearly thrown in on one side – they no longer even try to pretend to be unbiased – are they now legitimate targets? Political leadership? Legal/LEO? Are we headed to purging neighborhoods of persons deemed a potential threat?

    I REALLY don’t want to go there. But I’m afraid its fast approaching. Sorry to be downer on a silly thread. But we’d better begin to get prepared. Running around the woods in camo isn’t going to do it. We’d better know where our local LEOs are going to fall. We’d better be prepared be prepared with logistics, command and control, and prepared target lists, should the SHTF.

    And yes, to the NSA and usual suspects watching over this all – please don’t go there. We don’t know where this will end, and we have no desire to go there. But there are some lines we will not cross. Just why do you think Americans are buying guns as fast as they hit the store shelves?

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