Chinese Perfidy

As if we didn’t know all this already.

A four-year-old boy in Italy was infected with coronavirus as early as November 2019, it is believed, in the latest piece of evidence that the disease was spreading around the world well before China acknowledged the outbreak.
The child, who lived near Milan and had not been travelling abroad, came down with a cough on November 21 last year and was taken to a hospital’s emergency wing days later.
On December 5, 2019, a swab was taken from his throat, and that specimen has since tested positive for the virus that causes Covid-19.

I suppose that the ChinkComs are going to suggest he caught it from his pet chicken or something.  Lying, miserable bastards.  To say that “China is asshole” is a slur on anuses everywhere.

As I’ve said often before on this website:  China is, and always will be, the real enemy of the West in general, and of the U.S. in particular.


  1. I had three employees in my department out for weeks in Nov. 2019 with “agressive viral respiratory infections” that showed all the signs of COVID19 (loss of smell/taste, fatigue, etc., etc.) And several more company wide.

    Yeah, this crap was probably circulating since last October or longer.

  2. Back around the previous Thanksgiving, I was nearly as sick as I’ve ever been for about two weeks, with a cough and congestion that wouldn’t go away. The first week after, while it felt like there was a little improvement, it also definitely felt like I wasn’t out of the woods yet. The only thing worse that I’ve had was a bout of salmonella poisoning, and even that didn’t last as long.

    Since then, even though I’ve had multiple “opportunities” to have gotten the Chinkvirus (my boss has had it, and a coworker whose home I visited to set her up for remote work had it), it has chosen to leave me alone. Three PCR tests (notorious for false positives) have all come back negative. Possible immunity from previous exposure? I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

  3. I may have already posted about this on here, but my wife and I are very sure we both caught it about a year ago.

    It was the first weekend in December. Both of us got sick at the same time. I was very sick for about 3 days and then I gradually got better until, after about a week I was mostly back to normal. I never went to the doctor. My wife, on the other hand, was getting worse rather than better and was having respiratory issues. After a couple of days, I took her to the immediate care center where they said she had: “some kind of flu bug that’s going around”.” They gave her a breathing treatment and an inhaler to take home and she immediately started getting better. It took her about a month to get back to normal.

    Of course, nobody had even heard of covid-19 back in December 2019, but a couple of months later when it became THE BIG STORY, we both noticed that the symptoms of covid pretty much matched what we had both had. We have no idea where we got it from.

    At my last checkup this past summer, I mentioned this to my primary care doc. She told me that they were all certain that it was here earlier than January. She told me that starting sometime in November, they started getting a lot of folks in with what she called “a flu that wasn’t the flu”, but no one knew what it was.

    But here’s another little tidbit: Since then – over a year now – neither my wife nor I has had so much as a sniffle – no summer colds, no nothing. Even our seasonal allergies have been mild to nonexistent since then.

    1. I have to wonder if the reason there are false positives, false negatives, a positive result in one nostril and a negative result in the other is because the Covid test also catches some of Covid 1 through 18 as close to the Covid Plague.
      My cousin found an old Lysol container that said it killed Corona Virus (since removed from new labels). If it’s such a common respiratory virus, how come the name never came up in the past?
      Are past infections from Covid 1 through 18 responsible for some having hardly any reaction to the new virus? When Jenner started inoculating people against Small Pox, he used a related but very mild form called Cow Pox which Milkmaids supposedly got.
      The Spanish Flu epidemic (now why wasn’t it called a pandemic when it went world wide?) was said to have been a resurgence of some influenza virus from about forty years earlier, which was why it seemed to ignore old people .

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