1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    I feel exactly as you do – a bit depressed, angry, disappointed in my fellow man, fearful of what our country has become and where it is headed.

    It is not so much that Trump appears to have lost, though it took massive amounts of fraud to accomplish. What really sets me off is the buffoon that has been chosen, not to mention that socialist/communist grifter of a VP-elect. They are really the best this country can do?

    Is it too early in the day for a stiff drink?

    Keep the faith, Kim – that’s all we can do.


  2. What have we come to in this country when getting the family together at Thanksgiving is an act of defiance?

    Enjoy the company of friends and family this special day.

  3. Usually I say: “Have a Big Bird!” referring to that dumb muppet show.
    This year I’m saying: “Give ’em a big bird!” ( absolutely nothing to do with the muppets)

  4. Back atchya! Our witless rancid cow of a governor has had us in lockdown for a couple weeks. Only 75 customers allowed in a 15,000 sq ft Walmart at a time, lines everywhere have been asinine. Not gonna play that game for a fucking turkey. So I pulled a 14 lb pork roast out of the freezer. Lovely fat cap, the cracklins will be spectacular.

    Speaking of swine, I’m reminded of Dixy Lee Ray, the one time gov in my home state of Washington. Brilliant woman, PhD in biology, lived in a double wide, drove an XKE. She raised pigs. After one of her sows littered, she named the piglets after legislators she especially despised. Sausage made from that litter were later served to their namesakes at a state function. I wish she was my gov in the here & now.

    Whatevs, as the kids are wont to say. Best to you all!

  5. “What really sets me off is the buffoon that has been chosen, not to mention that socialist/communist grifter of a VP-elect. They are really the best this country can do?”

    No, it’s not the best we can do, but this isn’t the first time Americans have elected dolts, morons, and criminals to the Presidency. I offer Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obama as recent evidence. Then there’s the list of “wanna-be’s” who ran (and thankfully) lost.

    What can we do about it? Right now, it seems to me that Conservatives are either going to have to make a Herculean effort to reform and standardize the voting process, including clearing the voter rolls of dead voters, or we’re going to have to learn to cheat worse than the socialists.

  6. I note a vat of brussells sprouts in the pic you posted. Here’s a pro tip if you’re doing brussells sprouts this year: a little additional olive oil will make it easier to scrape them into the trash.

    1. Brussels sprouts and escargot, two of my “favorite” garlic butter delivery systems.
      Since I’ve replaced both with small chunks of bread, the meals with garlic butter have been much better. Both in popularity and expense.

  7. Getting together with family, and giving thanks to Providence (instead of our self-appointed ‘betters’) has been an act of defiance for some time. This is just the first year they were crazy enough to try to prevent it.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Dunno. I would argue the cheat was in for both terms of Obama and probably Clinton. Just did not need to be as obvious then. Trump got in because enough voted for him that it overcame the backed in fraud. They have spent the last 4 years increasing the baked in fraud but enough people voted for Trump they had to empty the warehouse. After 4 years of seeing the absolute corrupt nature of the DEMS we are in no mood to accept it this time.

    Until I see some people hanging from the lamp posts I will not rest. We cannot leave this mess for our kids to clean up.

  9. The first Thanksgiving brought people together, the last one drove them apart. Ours was spectacular.

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