Running On Empty

Gotta tell you all that the past couple of weeks have drained my blogging batteries.  It looks like life now revolves around Chinkvirus-inspired government tyranny (e.g. calls to “cancel” Thanksgiving WTF), what the Left has in store for us when that cocksucker Biden comes to power (as it seems he must — criminal fraud wins again), and the usual celebrity-inspired bullshit.

Fuck that.  All of it.

And the mood amongst my Readers seems to be just as gloomy, judging from the tone in Comments recently.

So I’m taking a break from it all, and will spend my time between now and Monday at the range, cleaning my guns, watching Ronnie O’Sullivan playing snooker, and reading something (don’t know what, too enervated to bother).

There will be some posts, but nothing of consequence.  I don’t even feel like posting pics of guns — and when did I ever say that?

Spend Thanksgiving with your families, and screw all those assholes who are preaching doom and gloom if you do.  Some things are more important than life, and frankly, if I can’t spend time with my family and friends, there’s no point to any of it.  (I have THREE Thanksgiving dinners on the schedule:  the regular one with the kids minus #2 Son on Thursday, Friday Night Leftovers with Adopted Daughter at her dad’s new house, and Delayed Thanksgiving on Saturday with Doc Russia (who’s working at the VA in Thanksgiving Day).

Oh, and the Son&Heir is taking me to the DACA gun show at Market Hall, also on Saturday, because he wants to buy me a gun.  So there’s that.

Come Monday, we can start afresh.  I hope.


  1. Try to find some old stories by Patrick McManus or Jean Shepherd (Christmas Story). I laughed so hard that my ribs were sore. And don’t shoot your eye out.

    1. Gene Shepard used to come to Princeton Reunions. He’d hold forth in Alexander Hall, a 1000 seat auditorium, on Saturday night and regale the packed house with stories for hours. If you ever saw A Christmas Story, you have heard his voice. It was mesmerizing.

    2. I liked Patrick McManus’ old columns in Outdoor Life and Field & Stream, and his books.
      Lately, I have been listening to C. J. Box. His latest Long Range book on CD is good as are pretty much all his books.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. We will be six for Thanksgiving dinner: three old coots, each with serious medical conditions, three refugees from Calizuela, who will be escaping from Useless Newsome’s Tarnished State prison camp, and one curmudgeon who wandered into the yard one day years ago and never left.

    Anyone attempting to talk politics tomorrow will have feastly food stuffed into their mouths.

  3. Amen Brother Kim . . . .

    I quit watching news and reading news about ten days ago, I just check into a few blog sites every day or so and I don’t follow up on the links very often. My wife and I stepped back last week and hit I-10 for a short trip out West, Barbecue at Lum’s in Junction then on to historic Fort Davis, a short morning trip down to Marfa to laugh at the hippie art people, back over to Alpine which is a real nice town and then back up to Fort Stockton. Lots of neat hills and rocks a great roads for driving fast. Left our laptops at home and just enjoyed being where we happened to be in the moment. Tomorrow we join a few friends in Kerrville where I will take some Dove poppers and Elk Balls (elk meatballs) for appetizers and we have agreed to limit the gloom and doom talk because we are all on the same side. Happy Thanksgiving, ~ As much as you can make it be happy this strange freaking year. ~

    1. I’m with you, OldTexan. Yeah, I keep the radar on in case something big breaks like a SCOTUS decision, other than that, a few blogs.

      Nice road trip. Ft Stockton you say. My family lineage runs to Sanderson on my mother’s side. On Google Earth, Old Downie Road heads due west from Hwy 285 a bit North of Sanderson. At the end of the road, the ranch headquarters still stands.

      Here is a clip of deleted scenes from the movie “Paris, Texas”. At the 6:02 mark, Paisano Pete makes an appearance–

      It’s not a bad movie, about heartbreak, family, and redemption.

  4. You are just reloading ! Nothing wrong with that !!! Enjoy the food and drink tomorrow !!!

  5. No apologies or explanation necessary, the gloom and doom has had its effect on so many aspects of life that we are all in the same boat.
    My favorite toast at occasions like this from Hilaire Belloc:

    “From quiet homes and first beginning, out to the undiscovered ends, there’s nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.”

    Add to that family (as appropriate).

    I am thankful to have been able to meet new friends by way of the internet and to exchange opinions and ideas through these blogs.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  6. I am spending a lot of time at the reloading bench. Got to make the bullets in order to keep going to the range. Just did a couple pistol courses and my Euro Pellet supply got under 2K….

  7. A break does a mind good. It’ll be just another day in aviation for me. I, being a single, live alone, curmudgeonly bastard, work all the holidays so my guys can spend them with family and not worry about being called in. May hit the range over the weekend if the temps come above 0. Enjoy, Brother. I look forward to what’s coming next….

  8. Well, I’ll certainly miss you in the next few days, but I also understand that everyone needs a break now and then.

    Meanwhile, I’ll raise a toast to you with a dram of 14 yo Glenlivet single malt tomorrow. (A new bottle I just bought yesterday.)

    I’ll see you again on Monday.

  9. Gotta take the Honk Pill and embrace Clown World.

    This fallen world is run by clowns. These nincompoops can’t manage to run anything, and will always go for the most ridiculous option. Embrace it. 38 genders? I say there are 38 million genders but only two pronouns. Biden won? Honk Honk! Great! He’ll burn things down even faster!

    It’s all going to burn down because the fire department is the clown show from the circus. Bring weenies and marshmallows and have a laugh watching the clowns bumble around.

  10. Hang in there Kim.

    Take what time you need to recharge. We’ll still be here when the free ice cream is back.

  11. During our lockdown I re read the entire Hornblower series then went straight on to the Ramage books. I love my kindle.

    Have a good break.

  12. Get recharged. We will miss your daily insight.

    I am thinking Kurt S might be on the right track with his Turnbull Series. Latest is Crisis.

    I am know I am tried of all these smart people telling me I am wrong.


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