Getting Real

I found this linked SOTI (can’t remember where, sorry):

And it gets worse:

Now I don’t know who these people are, but they sound seriously unhinged.  I’m trying to see how any rational person could define supporters of a Manhattan businessman (and one-time Democrat) as a “conspiracy-fueled belligerent death cult”.  Taking each word in turn:

What conspiracy?   The only people who have been obsessed with conspiracy have been Leftists — Russia, Ukraine — and this despite the fact that the real conspiracy has been by ex-Obama staffers, the various intelligence services and government bureaucrats against President Donald Trump.  Sheesh, just the Strzok-Page email exchanges alone are proof of that, and there’s so much more that I barely know where to begin.  This does not exist in the imaginations of Trump supporters:   it’s all been exhaustively documented — and despite that, Trump has only fired a few of the more egregious offenders, and prosecuted not a single one, not even the most obvious transgressors like Hillary Clinton (having a private — and illegal — email server while Secretary of State) or John Brennan (leaking classified information).

Belligerent?  Who’s talking about gulags, about the State coming to confiscate guns from private citizens?  And who is rioting in the streets, demanding to “burn it all down” and “destroy America”?  Trump supporters?  I wish we were that belligerent.  Every single act of belligerence — from attempting to assassinate a Republican Congressman at a ballgame, burning and looting, and threatening the lives and livelihoods of people working in the current Administration — has come from the Left.  Who screams invective at restaurant patrons, demanding support for the self-confessed Marxists at Black Lives Matter?  Not Trump supporters, for sure.

And a death cult?  What fevered imagination came up with that one?  Where are the Trumpian suicide squads, the Trump-sponsored bands of thugs roaming the streets and beating up political opponents, the conservatives en masse bellowing “Death to Marxists”?  (Although sometimes I wish we would, if only to drown out these assholes’ endless screams for a minute or two.)

No.  All the above are activities engaged in by the Left.

Ask yourselves this:  are these people to be taken seriously?  I mean, it’s all very well for lone loonies like this David Atkins to call for mass “deprogramming” pogroms (taking a leaf from the Stalinists of the 1950s, who must be nodding their gray heads with satisfaction from that Great Collective In The Sky).  But didn’t a former Cabinet Secretary (the snarling dwarf Robert Reich) first suggest some foolishness like this?  Is this suggestion of Atkins about to become policy, if Biden ever becomes President?

Just the magnitude of such an undertaking is astonishing.  Let’s remember that upwards of seventy million people either voted for Trump, or else were motivated to vote against “whatever it is that you Leftists want to implement”:  open borders, high taxes, gun confiscation, wealth redistribution, “hate speech” (we already have “hate crimes”), civil unrest and all the other foulness that the Left has been supporting and threatening for the past fifty-odd years.

But when a massive segment of the population says in no uncertain terms, “We don’t want that, because such lunacy has caused death, destruction, poverty and misery in every single country it has been implemented”, then we — all 70 million of us — are the ones in need of “reeducation”?

These twerps are getting worked up into a frenzy — anyone who’s ever had to deal with a thwarted child’s growing tantrum recognizes this progression all too well — and this unreasoning hatred towards people who reject their political philosophy is simply setting up a situation for bloodshed.  As much as we conservatives are called “Nazis” by the Left, the plain fact of the matter is that this demonization of political opposition has its roots in the Left:  whether by the Jacobins of Revolutionary France or by Hitler’s own National Socialist Party, we all know from their example that the elimination of political rivals begins with dehumanization and demonization.

My biggest fear, and it is very much a fear, is that the Left have been building themselves up into a febrile frenzy, and at some point, it’s going to burst into mass violence towards us conservatives.

And while we may chuckle and load up our spare magazines, I’m pretty sure that few of us want that mayhem to actually come to pass.

But I think they do, because when fanatics see that they’re losing, they often choose self-sacrifice as an alternative to failure.

And we’re the “death cult”?


  1. Warning, to the american communists. I probably cannot be converted, and because of my life long truthful nature, I probably cannot pretend to be converted. So what to do with me then? Strapped to the wheel? I won’t go willingly. If approached by people with guns I will be armed as well. So it looks like whoever has the most ammo and skill wins. If that’s what they really want, I am obliged to let em have it. I won’t go willingly.

    1. I read the entire thing, the people who were agreeing said anyone who cannot be “re-educated” will be lined up against the wall and shot. These are very mentally ill people, they are no longer our countrymen, they are the enemy.

    2. The fools might want to consider that this is not Europe. People here have guns and some of those will resist. Yes some of those who refuse being sent to the camps will die but the Left will run out of cops before the resistance runs out of deplorables.

  2. Indeed. When you have elected officials, former and perhaps future cabinet officials, talking heads with the vast media megaphone, miscellaneous celebrities and most dangerously, apparatchiks in the Organs of State Security and tech oligarchs talking like this we have got a real problem. Conservatives don’t want mass violence but we stand on the edge of it simply because they won’t leave us alone. And when it comes, we will be playing catch-up trying to get organized while under attack.

    The only way I can see to dodge to coming cataclysm is to separate ourselves from it. The country as we used to know it is completely and irredeemably broken. “When in the course of human events…”

    1. I say the same thing, only a little differently.

      Since my retirement plans will get ruined by what’s coming, prison is a viable retirement plan. Not a great plan, but viable.

  3. 2020 has exposed that our election system is irrevocably corrupt and probably has been for most of my lifetime. Half of Americans hate us enough to want to see us imprisoned or dead for not agreeing with them politically. When will we start to see some political figures with the courage to admit what we all know, namely that we need a divorce before this gets bloody?

  4. “And while we may chuckle and load up our spare magazines, I’m pretty sure that few of us want that mayhem to actually come to pass.”

    Want? No.

    Recognize the necessity? Since 2003.

    They refuse to live in reality and want to force us to move to theirs. They are as mindless as army ants…. and stopping them doesn’t require hatred, just recognizing their nature and acting accordingly.

  5. The big difference between us and them is we’ve seen this before, over and over again, throughout history. Unlike back in the day, we can see it coming. It’s gob smacking that this generation of imbeciles is travelling down such a well worn path, completely oblivious.

    By the way, he’s assuming of the 300 million in this country, only 70 million think like we do. He’s in a very, very small minority. He also seems unaware that that 70M, unlike in other times and places in history, are armed to the teeth.

    When I have conversations with fools like this, I tell them they need to read a little history. Fanbois like him are among the first ones up against the wall when they get their way. Why? Because when nirvana doesn’t happen, as it never does, then these type agitate like they did before. The people that claim power know this and wipe them out. He’ll be in those camps he’s advocating soon enough.

  6. My worry is, Who are the men and women who currently staff America’s police and sheriffs’ departments? They are the ones who will be tasked with rounding us up.

    1. If you have been watching the news lately, you should note that various county Sheriffs in upstate New York have publicly stated that they will not enforce Gov Cuomo’s “10 person per Turkey Day Dinner” limit. And that’s in New York state.

      Now, think about Pennsylvania: Pittsburg on the west, Philadelphia on the east, and “central Alabama with mountains” in between.
      Or Texas. Or Arkansas(which never had a state-wide mask mandate during the first COVID wave). Or the Dakotas. Or West Virginia.

      And also keep this in mind: the various LEOs live among “us”. With their families. Do you think they want to pin a target on their backs?

      Ponder on it, while you google “solvent trap”.

    2. You mean the ones they defunded?

      Of course food deliveries will continue unabated during the crisis. They’ll give farmers and truckers red stars and Legion of Biden medals.

  7. “The divide is too wide when people start seriously talking like this ”
    Weeeelllll actually,
    * the divide was too wide when we had to endure almost four years of virulent anti-trump bullshit
    * It widened even further when the coronavirus was used to intimidate peaceful assembly but condoned riots
    * It became, as they say “obvious to the meanest intelligence” when we discovered that 70+million allegedly voted each way in the election
    * It is probably cannot be bridged now that we know the extent of the fraud
    * It will be absolutely irreconcilable if the evidence is found to have been destroyed

    This will not end well with a high degree of certainty.

  8. As this current situation worsens, and the infestation of government by anti-American leftists and socialists continues to grow, my best advice will be to resist. As citizens of the United States, we may have the responsibility to obey “righteous” laws, but we are also guaranteed the Right to disobey those laws that violate our God-given Rights. You don’t have to participate in “forced gun buyback programs” (how are you participating if it’s forced?) “Shall not be infringed” carries as much force with me as “thou shall not steal.” If I am a gun owner, I will ignore any effort by an oppressive government to find or take my property, or that of others. I would find safe places to store things away from me or my home or business. Things are lost or misplaced all the time, especially when the government thugs are looking for them. Remember, when the government lies to you, you have the Right to lie right back to them.

    Another thing we can do to resist: stop or reduce paying taxes. The government is already swamped, trying to catch folks who owe taxes. What are they going to do if a great portion of over seventy million people stop co-operating with the IRS? I’m not urging you to lie on your return, just mail it in without filling it out, Forget to sign the form. Mail back the return envelope, but leave it empty and don’t seal it. OOPS! The contents must have fallen out while the USPS had it.

    We’re Americans, dammit! Who on this planet is more creative than we are? Come up with ways to annoy the government wherever and whenever you can. Share these ideas. Bombard your senators and representatives with requests for assistance on “pissy” things that will require some kind of response from them. Add their e-mail addresses to porn sites. Post notes on Face Book and Twitter saying that you’ve heard that they are pro-Life or anti-union, especially anti teacher’s unions. Get subscription cards out of magazines and fill them out with your favorite liberal’s home and office addresses. If they’re anti gun, “Field and Stream” and “Guns and Ammo” would be two good choices to begin with. If they’re in favor of the Green New Deal, they they could probably use a subscription to “Petroleum Industry News” or the “Oil and Gas Journal.”

    I think you get my drift. Don’t fear that you might take things too far. Until Conservatives control the White House, Senate, and House again, there’s no such thing as too far.

    1. A follow up: I heard today that biden is going to propose a tax on firearms of all types and calibers that we already own. ‘Scuse me? Don’t people already pay a wide assortment of state and federal taxes when they buy “stuff” such as guns, cars, bass boats, groceries, etc.? It makes for a great income stream for the government, maybe, (assuming that people cooperate, that is,) but it makes about as much sense as taxing me again on the work boots I bought back in 2003.

    2. I am hardcore, I am black-and-white:
      * By definition, the marxists are anti-freedom.
      * By definition, the marxists are anti-Americans.
      * By definition, the marxists are lying genocidal thieves.
      * By definition, by hating their species, the marxists are suicidal.

      * By definition, any relationship at any level between a less insane individual and a more insane individual is non-sustainable.
      An example:
      * By definition, arsonists can have only one relationship… their relationship is with fire.

      I would suggest shipping the marxists back to their source, but the Russian people had enough of their kind, and would probably send the ships out into the middle of the ocean.

      Jane Fonda is pretty and articulate.
      Barack Hussein Obama is pretty and articulate.
      Alexandria O’Casio-Cortez is quite the fetching ingenue.
      Many other marxists can pretend to appear to be rational for fleeting moments.
      (Are the culturally-objectionable Ginzbergs and Chumskis and Kissingers intentionally dying out, replaced by hollywood-acceptable ‘pretty people’? The evidence points that direction…)

      We have a problem:
      * despite all the contrary evidence, we still believe everybody will listen to our reasonable statements of fact, realize their error, then change into us.
      Our belief fits the definition of ‘insanity’.

      I believe the inevitable Balkanization(s) of fUSA are a very short-term stop-gap, and will merely kick the can down the road.
      The marxists are suicidally-invested in their utopia, they are mentally unable to change.

      ________ [fill in the blank] every last one of them.

    3. We won’t have much problem not paying taxes if this Covid-19 reaction of stifling small business continues past Thanksgiving Day.

  9. Ask yourselves this: are these people to be taken seriously?

    As serious as a heart attack.

    They mean to kill you as dead as a heart attack. And your kids. And your wife.

    And they intend to laugh the entire time and think it’s funny.

  10. > You don’t have to participate in “forced gun buyback programs” (how are you participating if it’s forced?)

    Also, it’s not really a “buyback” when those doing the buying never owned the guns in question in the first place.

  11. And inasmuch as they are the ones responsible for all of the nastiness of which they accuse us, they are also the ones who need the re-education. Except they were educated once, and it didn’t stick. So there’s no point.

  12. Navy Seal Vietnam buddy is having PTSD issues right now. He sees things in America that parallels what he saw in the early days of Vietnam when he was there as an “advisor”.

  13. The “re-education” that is needed is among those on the Left.
    But, how do you de-program a Leftist Post-Modernist – can someone with such a severe mental condition be re-educated?
    Perhaps the only treatment is a 230-gr lobotomy……..Change my mind!

  14. A word to the wise for the Fascist Left;

    According to multiple sources, the government, at all levels, has something less than 6,000,000 guns in inventory. That specifically includes the military.

    Estimates of the number of guns in civilian hands run between 300,000,000 and 400,000,000. Furthermore, those estimates are said to be based on a government assumption that a firearm wears out in 20 years. Which is so absurd that the lowball estimate is certainly far too low.

    Before attempting to round up people for Gulags it is advisable to make sure they are disarmed. The Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto held off the Nazis for a long time with a few old revolvers and some similar trash.

    You-all REALLY don’t want to go into the West Virginia hills.

    1. cspschofield,

      You are offering a reasonable rational statement of fact to the marxists.
      The marxists are insane.
      The insane are mentally incapable of hearing your words.

      1. Yes, but think of the satisfaction we’ll feel when the survivors whine about the massacres, and we can say, “Don’t say you weren’t warned.”

    2. I think they can’t wait for their utopia to arrive. There’s a term for Christians who believe the heretical concept that they themselves have to make the world perfect before the Second Coming of Christ can occur. It’s a theological word and is not “stupid” or “delusional”. It exists in other religions, most notably nowadays in Islam, and Leftism definitely has it.

      It’s not Millennialism or Millenarianism, or even Millerism, but it’s hard to search the internet for a word you don’t know.

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