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Slim pickings for today, as the news is all about the same old boring shit.  However, in the public interest…

that’s not quite true:  he referred to your country as a “shithole” (which it is), but considering that assholes and shitholes are inextricably linked, maybe you have a point, there.

Black Watch Matters?  Not, it appears, to the BritGov.

of course you’re sorry, Christiane.  And speaking of all that “healing” stuff:

I know, she’s a brainless Hollywood harlot actress, but I wish I could load all these fuckwits in a time machine  and take them back  to 1939 Germany, just so they could see what real Nazism looks like(And yes, of course I’d leave them there.)

I’m a little confused, here, Congresswoman Rancid African Bitch:  was that the “chaos” of the largest economic growth period in U.S. history, or all that actual chaos caused by BLM/Pantifa-inspired riots and looting in Republican-controlled cities?  But then there’s this:

yeah, by all means let’s end our imperialistic military adventure in Omar’s home country.  (I think I just peed in my pants, a little.)

distressingly, this report contains not a single mention of public scourging I should also add that as this happened in Wales, the word “brainless” is superfluous.

no he doesn’t, any more than I feel pressure to have a negative attitude about gun control, which I hate as much as the Commie cocksucker hates America.

just wait till these same braindead CEOs have to deal with Biden’s new Labor Secretary, Bernie Sanders.

hey, as long as Salma Hayek is cast in the lead role, I’m cool.


  1. Never forget that big corporations and their CEOs are our enemies. At the very least, we should stand aside when the left screws with them. Perhaps we should help. Any Republican helping the corporate sector should be taken out in a primary. Ditto anybody taking money from the USCoC.

  2. Richard,
    you’re right.

    Corporations can’t force you to buy their product unless they convince politicians to pass a law (Obamacare broke that divide.)

    Corporations love buying power and influence of politicians in order to stifle competition or give their business a special dispensation from onerous laws that only effect the little people.

    Zimbabwe? Isn’t that Rhodesia? wasn’t that the “breadbasket of Africa” and was turned into yet another poor starvin’ nation?

    Somalia, why are we there anyway? Sink their pirate boats, hang the pirates. At some point they’ll run out of pirates. Also, send the people there more rifles and crap so they can fix their geographic area filled with gangs masquerading as a nation. Ilhan OMar now has some experience in government. Ship here there to help out. She already speaks the language.

    Salma Hayek? yes please! was there a question?

    Obama feels pressure? he certainly isn’t feeling the right pressure in the right places.

    who is Roseanne Arquette? Better question, do I need to know who she is?


    1. They can also force you buy if they have a monopoly or oligopoly. See Amazon/Walmart. The effect of the lockdowns is to push economic activity to big corporations rather than small businesses.

  3. Note that Miz Liz, (unlike our 44th Commander- in- Chief) is not afraid to walk among soldiers with sharp pointy things.

    1. Nor is POTUS 45. Although if I were him, I would disarm all Obama generals and let the rest carry arms.

  4. Are you excited about the coming American Civil War and whacking some marxists?

    If my memory is accurate, the civil war(s) in Somalia is approaching its fourth decade.
    The freedom folk are whacking the marxists all over the place, yet the marxists continue breeding despite the ‘discouraging’ results.

    At least, their results would be discouraging to me.
    Apparently, the marxists believe different… something along the lines of ‘identical acts will magically produce magically different results’.

      1. Yes, I believe that the occasion of the recent truce in the Somali Civil War was when the place was known as British Somaliland, French Somaliland and Italian Somaliland. When that area was all exploited European colonies, the people in charge , i,e, the evil exploiting colonists, didn’t have time for starvation, civil war and piracy, didn’t want to have to have to import food from their other colonies to keep the commoners from starving, so they made sure the bandits were kept down and the commoners could feed themselves, with any surplus going towards balancing trade. Now, every group of native peoples has the right to self determination, which from the first independence movements has meant tribal exploitation and war.

  5. The days are so lonely here on the high plateau of the Great Basin, sitting all alone in my little “Merchant of Death” establishment, awaiting the Pantifa mob to come and loot & torch my hobby shop. They will really appreciate the free samples that await them as I’ve put a lot of thought into the selection.

  6. If the Fascist Left idiots ever want to know what real Nazism looks like, all they need is a mirror. They almost have it all; racism, antisemitism, irrational belief in authoritarian solutions. All they are missing is the fashion-sense. The Nazis were toads, but they had a ‘look’. Not necessarily a GOOD ‘look’, but better than the hair-dyed, black-lipstick, face rings, and stupid tats look the Antifidiots sport.

    1. They’re Marxists. Their fashion sense is epitomized by the shipping boxes the Nazis received their uniforms in.

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