1. I thought the announcements wishing Hillary a happy birthday at the same time were a nice touch.

    Think of the power Hillary and the left would’ve had over the court if the beast had won.

  2. Great day for the American people!!!

    Thank you Dingy Harry Reid. Getting rid of the super majority for judicial confirmations came back to bite the statists.

  3. I have issued a decree: Clarence Thomas must continue to serve forever should Harris/Biden take the day. Even after he’s dead. If the Marxists can do Weekend At Bernie’s with Joe, so can we with CT.

  4. Since Dems don’t do irony, I wonder if Round Heels Harris realizes that Justice Thomas’ administering the oath to Justice Barrett is a thumb in SloJoe’s eye, a late, well-deserved bitch slap.

    Biden led the pack of rabid hyenas who tried to dismember Thomas during his confirmation hearings.

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