That’s The Spirit

In all the frenzy of Chinkvirus panic and the resulting pandemic theater (i.e wearing face condoms which, from all accounts, do little or nothing to actually prevent the spread of the virus, but like the TSA at airports, at least give the appearance of Doing Something ), we have this wonderful example of I-don’t-give-a-fuckitude from someone named Lana Del Rey:

Heheheh… if you’re going to show absolute contempt, then this is the way to do it.

Of course, the uproar has been intense:

Taking to Twitter to share their anger, one person said: ‘I cant belive lana is actually wearing this mask to…..socially interact with people..this is so irresponsible.’
A different fan put: ‘Why is she at an event with a bunch of people wearing a mesh mask??? I love Lana but this is incredibly irresponsible.’
Another follower commented: ‘LANA WEARING A MESH MASK TO AN EVENT FOR HER POETRY WTF So irresponsible.’

…etc. etc. etc.

Me, I’m just chuckling, because you know what’s coming up next, don’t you?

Wait for it…

Government regulations mandating a minimum thread count per inch for cloth face masks!

You heard it here first.


  1. Well, yes, leave it to Lana to showcase the blatant stupidity of the mask mandate. Well done!

    The link to the article pointing out the virtually useless value of wearing masks is excellent. I’ve seen these statements before and I agree wholeheartedly. Unfortunately for me, it has made me a pariah within my own family and some co-workers. Not with friends, however – which says a bit about who you choose to hang with vs. those you are more or less forced to. Ah, well.

  2. If the government truly believed in face-diapers they would specify an “N #” mask as the minimum allowed – just as they specify a certification for motorcycle helmets.
    Since they don’t, it’s all just BS.

      1. Joe Huffman at View from North Central Idaho calls it Security Theater. In the interests of multi-cultural and diversity, TSA is Teatro de la Seguridad del Absurdo. aka Worthless Security Theater. The Masks are, too, but if we believe and clap hard enough they’ll save all the other people from the Wuhan plague — particularly if you’re an idiot Stalinist Leftist like by Brothers and their wives, about whom Pol Pot would have complained that they were too far left.

        A real master stroke, that. We don’t wear the masks to protect ourselves, we wear them to protect others, so when we are bare-faced, we are like an AIDS positive man, back when it was an incurable death sentence, knowingly spreading the disease.
        No skepticism allowed, you’re endangering the whole world!

    1. I have a variety of masks to match my business suits. I also have some white N95 masks, and they really cut out the smoke from the forest fires that resulted from Trump not being able to work miracles while he was fighting the coup.

  3. Can we establish a bounty on wearing masks outdoors. Bring in 2 ears and a mask and you get $1000.

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