Har Har Har

Responding to yesterday’s post about Glen Fohdry single malt, Reader Roy waxed rhapsodic about various single malt Scotches, ending with:

Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I still like fine bourbon whiskey too.

…which reminded me of the old homo joke:  “Women are okay, but they’re not like the real thing.”

I feel the same way about bourbon.


  1. Take the wooden door off a shrimp boat shitter, burn it in a pile of tires and rotted seaweed, douse the fire with tidal pool water, then lick the back of the door whilst stubbing a cheap cigar out on your tongue.
    That’s what Scotch whisky tastes like.

    Irish whiskey tastes like heaven.

    1. Let’s not paint Scotch single malts with such a broad brush.

      The worst single malt I’ve tried was an independent bottler’s release of Scapa, the other distiller on Orkney, in the early Naughts when I was regularly attending the SF Whisky Expo. I wasn’t expecting a whisky that basically tasted like broth from cup o’ noodles.

      I give Scotch, bourbon, and Irish whiskies the same appreciation, and have favorites in each.


  2. Well, since this was aimed in my general direction because “I still like fine bourbon whiskey too.” I’ll just add my boiler-plate response to this sort of thing…

    Free American citizens are allowed to have different tastes than you and I.

    PS: Topcat, I laughed out loud at that description.

  3. In the days of my misspent youth I tended bar for a short time. I learned never to insult a man or woman’s choice of drinks. I remembered my 10th grade Latin “De gustibus non est disputandum” and hoped for a good tip.

    The other day I was in the local booze shop and noticed Peanut Butter flavored Jack Daniels. The clerk – a guy in his mid 20s – admitted that he’d tried it and said that it was pretty awful. I’m reconsidering my stand on insulting drinks as I hear the horsemen of the apocalypse saddling up off in the distance.

  4. I saw the peanut butter whisky at Walmart recently. The 5th horseman of the apocalypse, for sure. Bourbon, on the other hand – it was good enough for Ulysses S. Grant, it’s good enough for me.

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