1. Ugly isn’t always Trans. In fact ugly is usually just ugly; there just aren’t that many Trans out there, no matter what the Fascist Deranged Left would have you believe.

  1. I tried to tell Robert that Convention Booth Babes are just Cocktail Waitresses who have a day job, but he would not listen.

    I said there’s a reason she always wears a long sleeve blouse, but he would not listen.

    Sounds like a Jersey Shore accent to me no matter what she claims, but he would not listen.

  2. Having popped one cub already, the lioness begins to prepare the field for her next litter.

  3. …softly lightens o’er her face;
    Where thoughts serenely sweet express
    How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

  4. Here we see the blond-crested, double-breasted walletgrabber in her natural habitat.

  5. Attempting to conceal her latest clothes-worshing failure, Madge positioned her hand over Melvin’s skid-mark… although, in her defense, Melvin’s ‘layering effect’ requires substantially more detergent action to achieve any kind of positive effect!

  6. Crusty or fizzy, Melvin’s skid-marks offer a certain appeal to the opposite sex!

    [Rule 34 — if it exists, porn is made of it.]

  7. Physically unable to factually produce any skid-marks of notable quality, Madge was inexplicably drawn to Melvin and his substantial residues.

  8. In this museum-quality example of the photag’s art, we immediately note the lowering of the lens position to bring the viewer’s eye to the photag’s intent-of-focus — Melvin’s fabulous skid-marks!

  9. As his legions of followers can attest, Melvin can certainly ‘skid’ with the best of them!

  10. All across the forums dedicated to the fascinating issue of Melvin’s skids, his many followers inevitably debate the same question — Fresh? Laundry failure? Combo? Or… does he enhance his trousers with some sort of commercial product… a dye or perhaps a spray-paint (and, if this’s the case, can we get some?)?

  11. Clostridia, feeling an oncoming event that might overwhelm her asshole floss, checks her companion for a spare.

  12. Playfully catching-up to her sweetie and his ‘skid-marks special’ beach attire, Madge innocently inquired “Hey, Big Boy! Have any beany burritos for breakfast?”… although her lingering gaze told the wonderful truth!

  13. You know, with all this focus on Melvin and his skid-marks, we over-looked Madge and her sombrero.
    Truthfully, is that a sea-gull ‘bomb’?

  14. Here we see the dominant wife checking her submissive husband, making sure the butt plug she inserted this morning is still in place.

  15. Alternatively;

    Illustrating a Fashion Law: there are some people who can ROCK a thong. All of them are under 35.

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