Zero Results

Online searches (e.g. with Google, Duckduckgo, Altavista, Bing etc.) that will result in “Your search did not match any ­documents” :

  • People who believe Jeffery Epstein actually killed himself
  • CNN viewers
  • Piers Morgan fans (from Jeremy Clarkson)
  • Academy Awards Show viewers outside LA and NYC

And after November 3:

  • Sane people who voted Democrat

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  1. One from dad’s day – “Germans who admitted they were Nazis and supported Hitler.” Dad observed that Hitler was the meanest guy out there because he fought the entire war by himself.

    1. And a companion piece:

      “Frenchmen that admitted they did not participate in the Resistance during the occupation.”

  2. Based on the actions of the current crop of congressional dems, “sane” and “democrat” are already words rarely seen together.

  3. People believing dogs are not angels sent to remind us of everything good and just and decent.

  4. People believing ‘non-living’ machinery such as vehicles and firearms are incapable of responding to loyalty and respect… and love.

  5. I just wanted to say I miss Altavista. DEC didn’t do evil like Google, just Engineering and trying to make good search algorithms

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