1. Dear Uncle Ben would entertain the children with tales of his fighting and daring do in the second civil war right after the plague year…

  2. In an ironic twist, a descendant of one of the boys will have this statue fall on his head while trying to knock it down.

  3. After the demise of the Internet in 2035, Kim’s blog went back to the old ways.

  4. “I think your Nana pulled the train with me and my frat brothers a couple times.”

  5. So, boys, after you tie his shoelaces together, grab his wallet and run. He’ll try to chase you and face-plant right there! Just duck around the corner, and you’ll be home free.

  6. Someday, boys, your grandchildren will not be allowed to work, and they will sit around and wait until the Government sent them $2.00 each month in exchange for sitting around and watching movies on a tiny screen in their apartments.

  7. “You young’uns gotta remember. You gotta tell your kids, tell your grandkids. If they forget what we did back then to save the Union, forget all those men who won’t never grow old because they gave their last full measure to make men free, they won’t keep what we earned. And they’ll be a lot more empty chairs then.“

    1. Well said. We have to teach what we’ve learned, because government schools don’t. First, we save out kids and nation, then we take back the schools. We lost them to the leftists because we were too busy or just didn’t care. It will take a long time, but it will take longer still if we don’t act soon.

  8. After thundering into town on their riding boxes, widely-feared ‘Curls’ and ‘One-Strap’, members of the notorious Bib-Overhauls Gang, initiate a trio of fresh-faced recruits into their mysterious ways.

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