From Reader Martin M:

On your recent subject of rifle work during free time, here’s mine.  A Savage .22/.410, it was my dad’s Christmas present in 1940.  He decorated the stock with rivets while working on a fire lookout in high school.  The stock got old and oil-soaked, so I replaced it.  I had to fit and finish the stock from a blank.  This is how it came out:

Oh, that’s lovely.  And from scratch?  Even better.

I love those old Savage .22 single-shot rifles, and the .22/.410 combo even more so.  As a knockaround gun for a kid to play with while out in the fields and woods, it’s incomparable.

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  1. I remember as a young boy seeing a Savage Model 24C in a hardware store and lusting after it – – .22 rimfire (took shorts, longs or long rifles) over a 20-gauge shotgun barrel, in a very short carbine length gun, with storage in the buttstock for ammo.

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