News Roundup

Short takes on mistakes.

…shut the fuck up, Meathead.  The only mentally unstable person in the room is YOU.

…and another loony heard from.  Why do we even care what this batshit celebripussy thinks?  And speaking of name-brand nobodies:

…you know, before she too went batshit on us, this one used to be quite a babe:








And speaking of ‘orrible cunts [\Bricktop]:

…such as your husband/brother?  [redundancy alert]  And:

…of course she did.  Once a Commie, always a Commie.  Now for some better news:

…trying hard to see a downside to this position;  can’t.  It’s such a Commiesymp organization anyway, might as well let the Chinks sponsor it completely so we can just ignore their bullshit in the future.

…and will she be punished as badly as the other partygoers?  Don’t make me laugh (again).

…yikes.  200,000 pounds of unused airline meals… that’s all kinds of horrible.  Now THIS is much better:

…doing what America does best.  And not a Gummint bureaucrat in sight. Oh, and why do I not see any Muslim charities doing something similar? [\rhetorical question]

…as long as when the next wildfire hits, the 9th Circuit judges are forced to pay for the damages out of their own pockets before any Fed dollars get sent.

And a late addition:

…except that all the Taiwanese stuff worked.


  1. Alyssa Milano is the poster child for “celebrities” who really ought to STFU. She knew about the “casting couch” for decades, but she kept her mouth shut (and her legs open) because she didn’t want to be overlooked for the roles that would make her almost-rich and semi-famous. But now that things are getting a little too saggy, wrinkled, and stretch-marked to get those roles, she has to re-vomit all the lefty talking points of the string-pullers in Hollywood because she certainly can’t get them based on talent. (Note that Dame Helen Mirren can still get any role she wants, and she’s quite literally in her mid-70s.)

  2. Yesterday morning, I considered adding Alyssa Milano, Megan McCain and Jake Tapper to my list of People Who Should be Ignored at All Costs. Nothing any of these people, or any others on the list, have to say is worth the energy it takes to listen. Your above comments on Milano are muted, but accurate. Tapper never has had anything to say that wasn’t first blended with a great dose of partisan manure. and as for McCain, were it not for daddy’s coat tails, she would probably still be lounging on a lumpy mattress, swilling beer. Her only saving grace would be the times she would go ballistic against Joy Behar or Whoopi Goldberg.

  3. “Oh, and why do I not see any Muslim charities doing something similar? [\rhetorical question]”

    I actually have an answer for you.

    IF there are any Muslim charities helping (or trying to), they will be VERY low key about it, for several reasons.

    1) The kind of Muslim that would help is likely genuinely devout, and my understanding is that the Koran strongly enjoins the devout to do their charity privately. Now, the Koran enjoins the devout to do any number of things, some of them far from good, but the kind of quietly devout Muslim I’m thinking of would be following the ‘do your charity in private’ commandment.

    2) Yes, I’ve met some people like this. They are charming. They are also keeping their heads down, lest that attract the wrath of their more deranged co-religionists. They decades ago learned the futility of trying to oppose the radicals; they got NO support from the West (thanks to our idiot Lefty Transnationals) and savage attacks from the Jihadidiots. and that’s reason two.

      1. I won’t say that the PJ Media story isn’t largely correct, but I expect there are exceptions. There aren’t enough of them to do much good, but like the German Resistance to the Nazis, they exist (ed) and forgetting them does them a grave disservice.

        The anti-Left Media won’t find them because they aren ‘t looking. The Leftwing Media won’t find them because A) They aren’t daft enough to talk to the Leftwing Media and B) Their existence, and they way their are treated by the Radical Islamotwits (whom the Leftwing Media have a pash on), runs counter to Teh Narrative.

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