Tole Ya So Redux

Even I get sick of myself sometimes when it comes to banging on about the need for MOAR AMMO in yer ammo lockers.

“O but Kim”, you exclaim, “I’m pretty sure I have enough ammo!  And anyway, it’s not like the godless Democrats like Obama are in control and threatening to limit ammo sales!”

And then, of course, one sees news items like this snippet (courtesy of Longtime Friend Sarah Hoyt):

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) hits the US, it’s not just hand sanitizer and flu medications that are flying off the shelves. While Walmart and Target are running out of emergency essentials and “currently unavailable” is popping up on various Amazon searches, the rush to be prepared has also reached the ammunition industry.
Recent analysis shows that online ammunition retailer,, has seen a significant increase in conversions and sales since February 23, 2020. The company reports that this surge corresponds with the public concern regarding the COVID-19 virus.

Yeah… just because it isn’t hurricane season and the Socialists don’t control all three branches of government, that does not mean you should slacken in your efforts to keep yourself in fresh ammo at all times.  The sudden need for ammo can come from any direction, as the above shows.

And as any fule kno, the absolute minimum ammo level is 20,000 rounds of .22 rimfire, and 500 rounds per gun of centerfire ammo, double that if it’s a semi-auto rifle like an AR, AK, Garand, FN-FAL, G3, M1 Carbine etc.  (Note the “per-gun” level:  if you own two AR-15s, for example, that’s not one thousand rounds but two  thousand rounds of poodleshooter needed on the shelf.)  As for your carry piece:  that’s an absolute minimum of 200 rounds of self-defense ammo (usually ten boxes) and more than 1,000 rounds of practice ammo.

Lemme emphasize this, one more time:  if the whole thing goes pear-shaped, your ammo is going to save your and your family’s lives a lot more handily than a box of anti-bacterial hand-wipes or a roll of toilet paper.


  1. AWESOME PICTURE! Makes my closet shelf full of assorted calibers look positively paltry.

    1. I won’t chase the now certainly higher priced ammo at this time. I’m more than adequately supplied, thanks. .223/5.56 at 3000+; 7.62×39 at 2000+, 30-06 M2 ball at 1000+, etc.

      My only concern is the strength of the floor in the ammo closet . . . . .

  2. I don’t know. Trump doesn’t appear to be handling the Coronavirus issue very well. This may be a leftie media thing. And it’s having an effect on the economy. Both will negatively impact his chances of re-election. So I wonder if people are stocking up because of that?

    1. Yes, it is a media thing…..widen your news vision. The big splash in the market yesterday was driven by the Russian/Saudi attempt to restrict oil ….. and when the news of an overnight call by PDJT to MBS became known, the market opened up 800 pts this morning and is currently up 325 over yesterday’s close.

  3. Ooops! I have it backwards. I have, probably 200 rounds of .22, but rounds and components for reloading probably 25,000 5.56. About 10-12,000 with 77-grain pills.

    I know, I know, poodle shooter, but it’s proven itself worthy in both HD and MOUT (military operations in urban terrain) situations. I do have a meaningful amount of components for putting together .308 WIN. But I need more boolets there. Will rectify presently. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. JC,
      Good thing you don’t live in Texas. Public admission of so scanty a supply of .22 would get the State Dept of Health involved (“Is that pore boy too sick to get to Bass Pro?”)

  4. 1) Note that I said that a thousand rounds per gun is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. Thinking about the guns I used to own before that Tragic Canoeing Accident On The Brazos: for the AK, I had (I think) about five times that; for my Swede, I had about seven hundred of premium hunting ammo, and as for mil-surp… forget it. I had somewhat less for my other hunting rifles, but still enough to have given the average gun-controller heartburn. If I still owned all those guns, that is.

    2) Assuming a 30-round mag, a thousand rounds is thirty-three mags’ worth… and that’s not a firefight, that’s a WAR. Even among the most paranoid of us, the chances of needing that much (following an invasion by China, Russia or [giggle] the United Nations) are the four Marx Brothers: zip, zero, zilch and nada.

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