Monday Funnies

Okay, it’s Monday ergo  time to get back to work and solve all those problems you postponed last week:

So to distract you from help you with your calculations, a few chuckles:

And seeing as the schools will all have started this week:

Followed by some wisdom from our elders:

And for those winter coughs and sniffles:

And speaking of being mentally fucked up:

So let’s wrap this up with something to erase that last picture from your brains, i.e. a little bit of Marina Sirtis:

Now get out of that chair and get to work.


  1. No discussion of the lovely Ms Sirtis is complete without this clip from Star Trek TNG:

    If THAT doesn’t give you a tingle in the dangly bits, I just don’t want to know you. I’m QUITE sure she knows how many young nerds mothers had to do extra laundry on her behalf.

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