1. I’m going to drink about 4 16oz Bud Lights and maybe a few sips of Fireball, and listen to real loud classic rock toons out here in my office til I crash right here in my chair. Happy fuckin’ new year!

  2. I used the “amateur night” line once when discussing new years eve plans at the office. A visitor gave me a disdainful look and asked if I was a professional. No, but you don’t have to be a pro to recognize people who are really, really bad at something.

  3. I’d rather party with a bunch of drunks than with 364-day teetotallers, any day of the week.

    1. A few years ago my wife and I were invited to the wedding of a woman she used to work for (first marriage at age 63). The wedding was outdoors in June, hotter than Hell’s Bells, so humid the fish were swimming up out of the lake, saying “Fuck it’s humid” and going back under water. Wedding party was under a canopy and the guests were on folding chairs in the sun. Ceremony ends and I’m thinking of two things in no particular order, shade and cold beer. Go to the bar, ask what kind of beer is available and am told “There’s no alcohol served today”, not even a cash bar. The happy couple don’t drink so decided no one attending could either. Damned blue noses.

      But yeah, there are a few days a year I avoid drinking in public, New Year’s, St Patrick’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo come to mind, days when people who don’t normally drink decide to get stupid shit-faced and live up to the label of “Instant asshole, just add alcohol”.

  4. I have just enjoyed some quiche for supper with a nice white Burgundy, and in 6 hours I will step outside to enjoy the New Year Fireworks. Alcohol may or may not be imbibed depending upon the company.

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