1. The lady looks pretty nice too! Oh for the days when women had class and weren’t tattooed sluts.

    1. Careful… you’re showing your tendency towards the eeevil patriarchal mindset whereby women can be bought like merchandise.

      [exit, laughing]

  2. The Inland Para would make a nice companion to my end-of-run H&R M1 Garand (#579xxxx; Thank You, DCM!).

  3. My Dad had the H&R 999 Sportsman in the lower left corner of that ad. It was a sweet revolver that all of us learned to shoot with.

    Sadly stolen a few years ago and so far not recovered.

    An M1A1 is a maybe someday purchase; I’ve wanted an original forever to partner with the M1 carbine I already have. And as askeptic said, they’re great siblings to an M1 Garand

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