LOL Arsenal

From Fogs Noose  comes this breathless tale (emphasis added):

A Wisconsin man was founding living in an undetected underground bunk in the Milwaukee woods for years with a dog and a stockpile of weapons and ammunition.
Deputies discovered hermit Geoffrey Graff’s odd, hidden abode on Wednesday after responding to a call of shots fired.
After entering the 8-foot-by-8-foot bunker – which was also 20-feet-long – the deputies found an arsenal of weapons including two shotguns, a rifle, a handgun, three knives, ammo and a bow with arrows fashioned from “snowplow stakes,” Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas said at a news conference Friday.
Lucas said Graff’s bunker also had a grill, propane tanks, a generator, various power tools, boxes of food and canned goods.

I haven’t checked recently, but I think I could lay my hands on all that stuff (apart from the bow) within a few paces from my living room chair, a couple more are at arm’s length, and let’s not even talk about the contents of my nightstand.

I am curious, however, as to how one fashions arrows from snowplough stakes… I mean, how does one affix the flights to the shaft?  Are the stakes made of wood, or metal?

I think we need to know all that, but of course media.  They won’t even tell us the caliber of the firearms, which tells you all you need to know about journalistic standards.


  1. Most of the snow plow markers I have seen are orange and made of fiberglass, just a 3/8th rod with a semi pointed end. Guessing there was no fletching on the “arrows” so they were probably rather crude.

  2. The stakes are probably 3/8 fiberglass rods, about 4 foot long and painted orange. These are commonly used up here for snowplow marking in parking lots and driveways, typically hammered into the ground in the fall and removed in the spring.

    From the picture, one of the shotguns is a sawed-off “whippet”. Overall, I would have to say that there are good odds that this guy is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. I live 100 miles north of this guy. Living outside in the winter ain’t something to take lightly.

  3. I think it was blogger Tamara who said something to the effect of “If I’m ever arrested and the cops do the junk-on-the-bunk picture of my collection, I want everyone seeing it to say ‘Now THAT’S an ARSENAL’!”

    Hell, for most “journalists” anything more than a .22 pump rifle and a brick of ammo is an arsenal.

      1. In the comments to the article, someone said “anything more than a single bullet is an arsenal to the MSM.”

  4. Apparently I’ve had an “arsenal” since I was a teen. Currently they would say I have an entire armory. From my perspective though, there is never enough and always room for one more. Most people here in ruralville have a respectable amount of firepower on hand all the time. Couple years ago I asked my unmarried life-long hunter neighbor across the road how many guns he had and he didn’t know. We walked around the living room and counted 38 and that didn’t include the ones in the safes, closets, vehicles, basement, and elsewhere. Full cases and ammo boxes stacked in all the corners, knives everywhere, bows and all the trimmings. For some of us it’s a hobby and a necessity. Seems normal to me.

    1. 8×20, 8 feet high.

      Could be a buried (it’s underground–first picture shows a hatch in the ground) shipping container as valine76 posits, but the picture shows wooden walls, so it’s hard to say.

      1. But the stupid “Journalist” — One does not normally give height and width as the first numbers for a room. Once again, the people reporting in our media prove that against stupidity even the gods struggle in vain.

  5. two shotguns, a rifle, a handgun, three knives, ammo and a bow
    Forget the bunker, I carry most of this in my daily driver.
    No shotguns, no bow, but my survival kit has a neck knife, a camp knife, and a machete.
    Add in my truck gun, 6 full mags for it, and my car pistol (P-64) and any journalist would wet himself.

    Need to consider adding a shottie. I do have a spare 870 just laying around…

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