1. 99 car manufacturers and everybody is producing the exact same thing and all of it is way over priced.
    Wanna get me to buy a brand new ride?
    Half the price, then half it again, and let me have some REAL options choices, then we’ll talk.

    1. Maseratis commonly have some of the worst depreciation of the luxury brands, but the Audi isnt far behind. They will both be 60-70% off after five years. In round numbers, both will approach $1000 a month in depreciation. Don’t even get started on the maintenance costs, those are outrageous also.

  2. My theory on how different nationalities engineer cars, let’s say you have two parts that move against each other, perhaps part of the suspension system:

    American – Make one part out of very good steel, make the other out of lesser quality steel but make it easy to replace. Every 40K miles you have an under-$1000 repair.

    Japanese – Make both parts of very good steel, they’ll last 100K miles but will cost you $5,000 to replace when they DO wear out.

    German – Do the same thing with 17 parts, none of which are available separately.

    Italian – Screw it, paint the car red and put a beautiful woman in the passenger seat, it’ll sell.

    Great Britain – The parts will never wear out because you can’t drive the car in the rain, and it’s always raining.

    Sweden – Put an air bag between the parts, just in case.

    Any Communist nation – Make the whole car out of old soup cans help together with chewing gum and duct tape. Make sure there’s a place to attach the horse’s harness to the front.

    1. > Great Britain –

      Sorry, we don’t have a car industry any more. Apart from boutique makers like Morgan. We sold it off or it went bust.

  3. I tested the Ghibli. My test drive lasted less than 5 minutes. It has a massive assembly behind the rear-view mirror which blocks vision for someone as tall as me.

  4. I’ll go with the Audi. At least I’ve got a pretty good chance of making it home with all of the bits and pieces still attached to the car.

  5. Audi. German engineering + reasonably accessible maintenance (even if expensive) makes it a straightforward choice.

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