Tangled Webs, Etc.

Try to follow along with this story (there may be a test).

Man and woman get engaged ‘cos they wuv each other.  (So far, so good, happens all the time.)  Man decides that he likes dressing up in women’s clothing.  (Okay, this doesn’t happen all the time, even nowadays.)  Woman can’t stand the thought of her man stealing her undies and bras (understandable), but instead of handing him his exit ticket, she decides to have an affair with another man (somewhat understandable, perhaps, but getting wonky).

Here’s where it goes all pear-shaped.

Bra-wearing fiance discovers the affair, and when he discovers that she’s going to leave him for Roger The Lodger, beats woman to death with a pole.  (I would call that an extreme reaction, but who am I to get all judgey about this?)  Then, when charged with his beloved’s murder, he claims that she  was “confrontational” and “provoked” him with words.  (Apparently, the deceased was Australian, so one can only imagine…)

In the midst of my laughter while reading the article, however, I just can’t help thinking that at some point, all this may somehow have been avoidable.

Maybe if the Brits stopped Australians from coming to the U.K., if transvestism was banned, or if extramarital bonking was outlawed (or all three)…?

Just sayin’.


    1. …especially those long ones (a.k.a. “assault” poles). I mean, who NEEDS such a long pole?

  1. Hubby vs lover is a good object lesson in how unattractive a cross-dressing dude must be to straight women. New dude has nothing on hubby. Other than the whole wearing her underwear thing.

  2. Now that the wife is no longer around the transvestite and the “other” man have gotten together and are living happily ever after.

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