Monday Funnies – Halloween Edition

Good grief, man, it’s only the Monday before Halloween — no need to get carried away like that!

But if yer gonna party, beware the next day:

Or you can get creative:

And if yer going to go to one of “those” Halloween parties:

…beware the possible consequences, such as July Pumpkin:

…or even Syphilis Pumpkin:

Whatever you do, just Pumpkin away:

And as always, here’s the Mistress Of The Dark:

Now get out there and scare someone.


  1. I’ve had a thing for Elvira ever since a Halloween party at a local bar back in the early 1990s. I went as William Wallace of Braveheart fame, and I met a young lady dressed as Elvira, the only “attribute” of the character she lacked was the long black hair (she had fairly short blonde hair, so she wore a wig).

    (Takes time for cold shower).

    For the record, if you get into a contest with a woman over who’s wearing the fewest undergarments, it’s REAL fun if it’s a tie.

    (Takes second cold shower in five minutes).

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