1. It’s never been about “need”.
    They can’t even get that part right.
    A rifle butt to the face will give them the attitude adjustment they “need”.

  2. Decisions, decisions, Do I use the 5.56 with a 30 rd mag or the .308 with a 20 rd mag?
    Well the 5.56 is good for 30 ‘tifas, But the .308 can get 20 plus going through those 20 and taking out more behind them. Decisions decisions.

    1. I was wondering if something like a 220 grain soft point .30-06 right in the neck would pop a pantifa’s head clean off?

    2. bah! everyone knows that .308 is the real party favorite.

      use the 5.56 if you want to scare them badly before they run home.

  3. On our side, the initial engagement might be best served with a highly skilled shooter-spotter team, placed in a very effective “hide”.

    But at 50 yards range, using a suppressed .22 and sub-sonic ammo.

    Take out the “leaders”, first. You know, the ones at the back of the pack staying busy on the cel phone, and their 2nd Cadre, the ones who “appear” to be leaders, bullhorn in hand.

    Likely, fewer than 10 rounds total.

    Drop those, and the panic in the herd when the Loud Shots follow, will border on the comedic.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    1. IIRC Colonel Cooper used to suggest something similar. His version suggested lung shooting the leadership to make them easy to identify and prosecute later.

      Assuming prosecution is an objective…

    2. Didn’t our Brit cousins complain terribly how we Colonials were picking off their officers and NCO’s during the troubles in the late 18th Century?
      It worked fine then, why discard a proven practice.

      1. It’s the American way. Why needlessly increase the carnage when a shot to the head* cures the bad thinking?

        *Pun intended.

  4. From an article over at Powerline about the BS outside the Target Center (heh) in Minneapolis–

    “They carried the flag of the defunct Soviet Union.”

    “These leftists are identical to the Nazi Brownshirts of the 1930s.”

    My dad fought the Nazi’s in WWII. I am a veteran of the Cold War. If this shit ever makes it to my neighborhood, every target is going to be a twofer.

    1. I don’t even know where you live, but if even 10% of your neighbors share your attitude, I bet you’ll never see any of this in your area.
      Funny how these pricks run rampant in Portland, San Francisco and the like, but magically fail to appear in locales like mine.

      1. Actually, you do. Arlington. In your email of 05/07, you graciously invited me to join you sometime at DFW Gun Range. I have not forgotten, working on it. Ammo reloading in progress.

        And yeah, I think we have that 10% covered. Also a plus, we live on cul-de-sac that tee’s into the bottom end of a dead end street. One way in and out, concentrated fields of fire, and a selection of bayonets to choose from. That is THE thing about living here in Texas. If I have to make a stand, I will not be alone.

    2. “Unrest” (what a wimpy word!) will not happen on my street. And i’m Sure by the time the balloon goes up even my Leftist Brothers and their Maoist wives will want protection. I would have to say what Charleston Heston told his neighbor’s in 1992; “I can’t loan you a weapon, that’s against the law you put in.

  5. Antifa-types dressed in black with matching masks and headgear goes beyond my Nth-degree of incitement. If the situation were to go extra-judicial, instead of street confrontations with these thugs, visits in the quiet of a foggy night may be a better alternative. Little dears have to sleep sometime-somewhere.

    In a train-the-trainer program, recent articles state that ISIS is training antifa cadres in overseas facilities.

    In good riddance to bad trash, a Portland, Oregon antifa leader was killed in a hit & run incident last weekend. If “line-of-duty” it might inspire them to compose a Horst Wessel type song. Fortunately, Pete Seeger isn’t around to write it.

    1. If someone finds out where. Remember the scene in Michael Collins where the chambermaid finds the list of the Black and Tans and brings it to the IRA?
      That’s what it would take.
      And besides, doesn’t wearing masks in public like the resisters do violate the law in every southern state from Texas to Virginia to Florida?

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