LOL I see that Monopoly is getting in on the War Between The Sexes:

Hasbro has introduced the first Monopoly that celebrates women trailblazers
Aimed at players 8 years old and up, properties are replaced by groundbreaking inventions and innovations made possible by women throughout history
Players are told ‘Collect 240 salary as you pass GO, if you’re a man collect 200’
Women also get a $1,900 at the start, compared to $1,500 for male players
Tokens include a pen, jet, glass, a watch, a barbell, or Ms. Monopoly’s white hat
Ms. Monopoly celebrates everything from scientific advancements to everyday accessories – including WiFi, chocolate chip cookies, and solar heating
Players of any gender can build business headquarters around the board to collect more money from others
In hope of inspiring others, it spotlights women who challenged the status quo

To make the thing even more true to life, CHANCE cards should include ones like:

  • “Congratulations on your divorce!  Collect your free house on Boardwalk*” or
  • “Congrats on your new baby!  As you aren’t sure of its paternity, collect $500 from each male player every time you pass GO” or
  • “You accuse someone of sexual harassment at your job.  Collect $50,000** from the bank” or
  • “You were caught shagging one of your students, a fifteen-year-old boy.  Go straight to jail.  (Just kidding;  get three extra rolls of the dice)”

The funniest part of all of this is that the more Ms. Monopoly is tilted in Teh Grrrls’ favor, the fewer men will want to play this poxy game — which will no doubt cause women to write weepymoany articles in Salon or HuffPo about how men are shunning them.

*Mayfair, in the Brit version

**I know $50,000 would bankrupt the Monopoly bank and end the game.  So?


  1. Meanwhile, the recently-released Monopoly edition critical of socialism has been stuffed down the memory hole. Target yanked it off the shelves, Hasbro quit selling it through its website, and if you go looking for it on Amazon or eBay, expect to pay the better part of $100 for it.

  2. “Congratulations, all the male players have died of old age, you get to live an extra 6 years and spend all they own.”

  3. All the gender wage gap stuff is hilarious. Every bit as much as I love how President Obama buried a report by his own Labor Department what showed the actual gender wage gap is $0.96 (IIRC) and not the oft-cited $0.78. The $0.96 is when personal and career choices are factored into the equation (e.g. career choice, hours worked, flexibility WRT scheduling, additional certifications, willingness to move, etc.). Of course, for a dyed in the wool liberal like Obama, personal choice effecting can’t be made public.

  4. Secondhand story; a friend at work got sucked into a conversation about this game with a woman who thought it was wonderful and ‘justice’. He put on his condescending face and said the game was actually subversive, showing that women needed that little extra helping hand to succeed compared to men, and that it was so nice of the game publisher making a version that was easier for the gender who thought math was hard to win.

    I’m told the screeching was epic.

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