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From Liz Sheld at PJM:

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee said on a Sunday snuff show that Trump’s tweets telling The Squad to “go back to where they came from” reminded him of the time he was told to “go back from where he came from.” Cummings made his remarks to George Stephanopoulos, who also revealed that has been told to “go back to where he came from.”  This is a new epidemic, so many Democrats have been told to “go back,” why are we only hearing about it until now?

I have to say that nobody has ever told me  to go back to where I came from, but that may be because I’ve made every effort not  to change the United States nation as I see it, but to preserve  it — original intent of the Founders, traditional American values and traditions, strict Constitutional construction, reverence for the flag and all it stands for, unswerving loyalty to our Armed Forces, respect for law and order, paying taxes, serving on a jury, defending the United States against criticism when traveling overseas (okay, I’m not sure whether a drunken fistfight with a Scot constitutes actual defense, but hey)… and of course, I don’t think I have to prove my undying support for the Second Amendment (along with the nochschleppers  in the Bill of Rights).  Frankly, if someone were to tell me to go back, I’d have nowhere to go.  I’m here, and I’m staying — to the utter dismay, I hope, of liberal assholes and socialists everywhere.

As for these fucking Socialist Congressweasels (we all know who they are), the same cannot be said.

I’m not setting myself up as some paragon of civic virtue, here;  but at the same time, I would suggest that my version of civic virtue is more in line with mainstream America than theirs — and I suspect that there are far more like me than there are of them — even among “traditional” Democrat voters.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the 2020 elections to see if what I say is true.


  1. Rep. Cummings has far more issues than repressed BS memories. It totally amazes me how all these ‘memories’ flood back, at the time of need, for the Leftist horde, but, they can’t seem to remember their oaths of office, why they were sent there, who sent them, and no sense of accountability.

  2. In less than 16 months we will see how many are tired of all the lefty – victim crap being spewed out by the deranged dems. Last time around Trump had no chance running against a shoe in Queen of Evil and he knocked it out of the ballpark.

    As bad as the Hillary was I am not seeing anyone right now who will come close to winning as many votes as she did in this miserable pack of American Haters. “I want to be your president because I hate your country and its heritage” is not a winning slogan. Whining should not lead to winning.

    1. The Democrat process here is obvious. They’re holding a beauty contest for someone who can seduce people away from good jobs and low unemployment. I predict they will stand another frothing-mouthed leftist woman for their candidate so they can contrast her with the supposed “Jeffrey Epstein” in office now. They believe women will be attracted to a candidate that will, like a husband, promise an easy life of lots of stuff they don’t have to work to pay for themselves.

    1. I’m registered as a Democrat. I haven’t knowingly voted for one except in the primaries since 1988. I always lie to pollsters. They wouldn’t dare cut me out.
      We have to get the legitimate and sensible voters out to do their duty. If it isn’t close they can’t cheat.

  3. Supposedly there is a saying in Europe, that “if you say ‘A’, you have to say ‘B’.”
    This terrible Tweet from Trump actually was in three parts, and after he said, “go back where they came from”, his Tweet continued with, “fix that place and come back and tell us how you did it.” Admittedly, as an old white guy, I go by the words and not what his enemies insist he really meant, but that doesn’t sound like “Leave and never come back”, but “Go, show us you can do what you say you can, and come back.” I don’t get any sense of permanent self-exile at all, nor any sense of “I have a phone and a pen, I’m gonna send you away.”

  4. Ilhan Omar isn’t an American. She’s a Somali slut that managed to obtain American citizenship, but she wouldn’t recognize what it means to be American if it hit her in the face.

    Yes, I said Somali Slut. She married her brother. Very Islamic of her. She’s also left a string of crimes behind her that the media refuses to investigate. This is my shocked face. She’s a corrupt, relative-boinking Islamic slut who hit the jackpot, got her citizenship papers given to her, and promptly proceeded to shit all over this country every single day since then.

    Evita Guevara-Castro calls herself a “Puerto Rican” from the Bronx. Since I have actually lived in Puerto Rico, unlike that New-Yorican brainless whore, I can say that Puerto Rico is a corrupt socialist shithole that’s barely kept above third-world standards by massive amounts of American money. As such, I think she’s the perfect representative for Puerto Rico, and I want her to go there and represent her country well. I personally would love nothing more than for Puerto Rico to become its own country and stop sucking off of the American taxpayer.

    Rancid Tlaib was sworn into Congress under a Palestinian flag. Since she obviously identifies more with a pack of sub-human, child-murdering barbarians, I think she should to visit the people she represents so well. I’m sure her loud mouth and ungrateful attitude will endear her to her people.

    As for the moron from Boston, Ayanna Pressley, she’s from a district that was last represented by a Republican in 1923. So when she moans and wails about how horrible life is for “her people”, i.e. other parasitic shitstains who care more about the color of their skin than the content of their character, all I can say is “WELL, DUH! LOOK WHO THEY VOTED FOR!” When your area is under Democrat Party control for damn near a century, it’s going to get destroyed.

    The Four Sows of the Derpocalypse can take a long walk off a short pier. None of them are truly Americans in spirit, and if they all died in a plane crash tomorrow the country would be far better off.

  5. Here’s something to think about.

    If you hear a dog whistle that just means you’re the dog.

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